Zombieland is a movie that you will love for the comic element in the movie which begins right from the word go till the end but the one that you would not love too much in the movie is the blood shed and the gore which would make you feel uncomfortable. The movie begins with a self introduction of Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) who thinks he is the last man standing in the world of Zombies with the help of few rules that he had laid for himself to follow. Columbus then soon finds himself in the company of other few survivors in Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigali Breslin).

The theme of the movie or rather the crux of the story is nothing new for the audience as the same story has been witnessed in movies like I am Legend, 28 weeks Later and many more… The difference between this Zombieland and other movies is that this film falls in the comedy genre whereas the other movies belongs to thriller / horror genre.

The standout performance in the movie is of Woody Harrelson who in the role of a rampage Zombie Killer is perfect in his emotions and the comic timing he brings in his character is worth the watch. Jesse Eisenberg as the soft-spoken hero is timid but at the same time very brave and he portrays those characteristics in his role perfectly. Emma Stone and Abigali Breslin as the two leading girls have nothing great to perform but special mention needs to be given to them for their acting in the theme park scene where they get surrounded by Zombies. Actor Bill Murray who plays himself in the movie is at his best when he says his only regret in life was being part of “Garfield” movie which is top class stuff.

Zombieland would have been a easy road to travel for writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick  and director Ruben Fleischer seems to have succeeded in making this horror comedy a watchable fare if as a viewer one is ok with the gore displayed on screen.

“Zombieland” not so great on the whole.

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