Its high time our film makers start to believe on storylines than the star value of the cast in a film. Bharath’s latest film “Yuvan Yuvathi” is such a disastrous film that the viewers would want to walk out in the middle of the film as the story and the screenplay lacks any punch or twists to make it interesting. To make matters worse the film moves on predictable lines. The only bearable aspect to an extent in the film is Santhanam’s comedy track.

Kathir (Bharath) is a village bred guy etching out a living in the city. His dad Sampath is the true villagish father with emphasis on  prestige and status who wants his son to settle in the village and on the other side Kathir wants to stay away from the village culture and wants to lead a life of his own liking. Walks in Nisha (Rima Kallingal) an unassuming girl who without any reason attracts Kathir.

The usual story of Nisha already engaged to another person comes up only to fulfill the predicted angle of her marriage getting stopped so that she can marry Kathir. The only difference here is that Kathir too has his wedding fixed with another girl by his father. How the wedding gets stopped and what happens thereon is left as a suspense in the interval.

Post interval, things take a different route where Kathir is currently working in Seychelles and bang here too walks in Nisha. The meeting though was meant to be a surprise but for the viewers it wasn’t. After the meeting, its the usual girl falling in love with the guy without any obvious reason and then how Kathir convinces his dad and people at home to get them married is in the remaining part of “Yuvan Yuvathi”.

The movie has a running time of 135 minutes and its a definite disaster at the box-office. None of the actors act with conviction which is a huge let down. Sampath in a few scenes acts ok but mostly its nothing worthy of mention. Sakthi Vasu and Anuja Iyer make a special appearance in the film.

Director GNR Kumaravelan (who earlier wielded the megaphone for “Ninaithale Inikkum”) has blindly followed the story written by Ramakrishna. A little thought into the screenplay would have made the film a bit more interesting. Music by Vijay Antony sinks without a trace. The songs placement is so pathetic that it completely disconnects the viewers from the storyline. The only saving grace is that a part of the film is shot in Seychelles which exposes the scenic beauty of the place.

“Yuvan Yuvathi” can definitely be given a miss.

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