Director Mysskin has once again proved that he belongs to a class of directors who carve a niche for themselves in the industry. With Yudham Sei, Mysskin has dealt beautifully with a theme that is not easy to experiment with. In fact the movie is a revelation with so much emphasis on scenes and situations rather than dialogues. The only sore point in the film being the item number between Ameer and Neetu Chandra which could have been avoided.

“Yudham Sei” from the outset gives a feel that it might be a repeat of “Anjathey” but within minutes into the film, the brilliance of its director is established and an all new storyline is handled at a gripping pace. The movie begins on a rainy night when a young girl asks an auto driver if he can come to drop her for which the driver doesn’t heed to and moments later he chases the girl with a rod in his hand.

J Krishnamurthy a.k.a JK (Cheran) is an unassuming CB-CID officer who is given a case that is highly sensitive in nature where chopped hands are strewn around the city in carton boxes. JK and his team set on the trail which leads to more chopped hands being discovered and at the same time the mystery behind the crime gets unraveled one-by-one.

There is also Dr. Judas (Jayaprakash) who is working as a pathologist assisting JK in his investigation and Jayaprakash has shown what a talented actor he is in this role. In the end what pushes the perpetrator to commit these crimes is revealed with twists that are new to Tamil cinema.

Mysskin always gets the best out of his actors and “Yudham Sei” is no different. He has brought out the hidden acting talent from all his artists. Cheran as the stubborn individual, while Jayaprakash and Y G Mahendran in important roles have all lived  to expectations. The biggest surprise of the movie is Lakshmi Ramakrishna who has shaved her head for this film which is shocking and at the same time signifies the importance that the artist has given for this particular role.

Music by K is worthy of mention as the background score keeps the mood of the film intact. Cinematography by Sathya captures the darker side of happenings with precision. The story though deals with a sensitive subject, the supporting screenplay is well-knit which is big plus point for this film. The movie has a running time of 150 minutes and is sure to reap rich rewards at the box-office. The movie though has few loop holes, it doesn’t bother much as it gets camouflaged in the entire scheme of things.

“Yudham Sei” is a splendid thriller crafted to perfection.


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