Director Ameer known for his realistic portrayal of village life in his “Paruthiveeran” has joined the bandwagon of directors who don the grease paint on screen. Ameer who normally works on meaningful story backed by a realistic script has faltered to a great when it matters most at his debut film in acting. Yogi directed by Subramaniyam Shiva of “Thiruda Thirudi” fame is neither a thriller nor a family sentiment movie. The script is so ill-structured that the first-half of the movie (though there are few non-logical moments) is racy but the pace could not be sustained in the second half and added to it the indifferent ending makes the audience feel unsatisfied.

Yogi (Ameer) is a small time gangster who carries out petty jobs and at the same time an expert in his work be it theft or anything else that he is doing. In one such incident when they come to loot from a house Ameer escapes and runs away with a stationery car which also has a baby in the back seat. Yogi not knowing any means to escape decides to abandon the car once he hears the cry of the baby.

Yogi deciding not to abandon the child takes her along to his house and decides to bring her up not knowing that there is a gang waiting to murder the child for gain. In the meantime the child’s mother gets badly injured in the melee. Yogi then comes across Raja Sulochana (Madhumita) a telugu speaking girl in his hamlet who had been abandoned by her husband post her pregnancy. Yogi takes the help of Sulochana first by force for feeding the baby.

When all goes well the task for assassinating the baby comes to Yogi’s group which puts him on alert and he makes sure that he will not allow anything bad to happen to the baby. As days pass by Yogi decides to return the child to her parents and on doing so he finds out the source behind the assassination bid which baffles him and in the end the unexpected ending makes this movie an ordinary fare.

The movie which created lot of expectations due to the fact that it had gained entry into prestigious film festivals turns out to fail the viewers expectations squarely. The one fact that remains unanswered is how could Subramaniyam Shiva and Ameer who have churned out hits chose such a wafer-thin plot. Ameer in his debut is pretty flat in his acting and one can hardly see any expressions from him. Madhumita’s scope for acting is limited and she has also squandered the given opportunity to a great extent.

Yuvan Shankar Raja who was expected to come out with flying colors post his Paruthiveeran exploits has been a disappointment and one feels if the music director has hit a rough patch in his career as his last few releases have gone down without a trace.

“Yogi” a meaningless movie.


Downloading Yogi Movie via Internet using torrent, direct download, Yogi movie in rapidshare, Yogi movie downloading in mega upload is a crime. Downloading Yogi Audio Mp3 is not legal in India. The Yogi Movie crew : Director Subramaniyam Shiva, Yogi actor Ameer and Yogi actress Madhumita has done lot of hard work to come up with a high quality movie called Yogi.


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