“Year One” written and directed by Harold Ramis with the tagline “Meet Your Ancestors” surprises you for a reason that you would be wondering if our ancestors were so dumb and were living a life without any logic. The story on the whole sounds amateurish and to its support the screenplay is awfully out of place and in the end one strongly gets a feeling that even a novice at film making would have done a better job than Harold Ramis.

The movie begins with Zed (Jack Black) and Oh (Michael Cera) both fit for nothing sitting in their tent discussing about the gorgeous girls in their clan. There is always a forbidden tree in the forest (One wonders if there really exists one) and when Zed tastes the forbidden fruit he gets question by his own people and he gets frustrated and walks out in search of greener pastures. Oh who is nice with Zed for a reason that he is in love with Zed’s sister Eema (Juno Temple) also accompanies him.

On the way they come across brothers who are even stupid than them that they end up killing one of them for no big reason and the surviving brother invites Zed and Oh for dinner at home. They then move on to search for the world that lives beyond the mountains.

Suddenly they find in a barter market people of their own clan being sold as slaves. Zed and Oh also by accident end up as slaves and in the journey they escape from captivity and in the night when they plan to release their members they sleep too much that they wake-up in the morning after every one had left.

The both then move to a city called Sodhom where the men are afraid of everything and where sex is rampant. In the city there is the King (Xander Berkely) who along with the High Priest (Oliver Platt) does all silly unimaginable acts which further irritates the duo and at the same time their near and dear ones are working as slaves with the king.

Whether Zed and Oh get to set free their people or not is all about in this uneventful and boring comedy movie. There is not even a single department worthy of mention and the entire product is utter rubbish.

Year One can be avoided without any doubt.

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