Love stories are generally meant to be light hearted with dose of sentiments and loads of entertainment. Yathumagi which had a tag line “Love Story 2010” was supposed to fall into the above mentioned category but unfortunately it falls short on many counts. With a debutant in hero Sachin and two-film old actress Sunaina as the heroine the movie had some expectations but within minutes into the movie one definitely gets the feeling that the movie is going to be a dud. The story of the movie is nothing new nor the screenplay which is dull and boring throughout. Its all about a girl falling madly in love with a boy and after a few hiccups unite in the end much to the relief of the audience that the movie has finally ended.

Anand (Debutant Sachin) is a professional photographer who works for ad films. Annalakshmi (Sunaina) is a homely girl who has studied upto 12th standard and lives with her father. Anand and Annalakshmi accidentally cross each other and its love at first sight for her. Anand basically happens to be a take-it-easy attitude guy who lives 15 days at home and remaining days with his friends in their room.

Annalakshmi’s love for Anand develops strongly and when things look like going smooth the usual hero planning to get married to another girl happens and on the night before marriage the hero comes to know that the girl whom he is supposed to marry is in love with another guy and eventually the expected happens.

In the meantime there comes a small twist in the tale which irritates Annalakshmi and then there follows the usual heroine misunderstanding episode with the hero and finally things get sorted out and they both unite in marriage in the end.

Sachin as the hero is a bad choice as he is nowhere in acting be it romantic scenes or emotional  scenes even his facial expressions are disappointing. Sunaina who comes in half-saree throughout the movie is beautiful and is the only saving grace of the movie in terms of acting as she is much better than her counterpart. In certain scenes which requires subtle expressions she has come out with flying colors. In songs she has exhibited loads of glamour in costumes meant for the same.

Music by James Vasanthan is nothing to mention about as none of the songs linger in the mind and the background score is flat and fails to provide the required ambience for the scenes which could have been taken care of. All said and done nothing can save a movie which is disaster from start to end.

Written and directed by R Balakumar “Yathumagi” turns out to be a movie which as a viewer one would like to forget at the earliest.


Downloading Yathumagi Movie via Internet using torrent, direct download, Yathumagi movie in rapidshare, Yathumagi movie downloading in mega upload is a crime. Downloading Yathumagi Audio Mp3 is not legal in India. The Yathumagi Movie crew : Director R Balakumar, Yathumagi actor Sachin and Yathumagi actress Sunaina has done lot of hard work to come up with a high quality movie called Yathumagi.


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