Madhavan who has been associated mostly with the romance genre type of movies has come up with a completely matured performance in this thriller genre and to be very honest he has been quite successful too. The director Vikram K Kumar must be given the complete credit for making this movie with lots of eerie feel and this movie does keep you at the edge of your seat throughout and at times shakes you out of it too.

A simple story line complimented with an amazing screenplay and terrific performances from the actors, this movie makes you sit through without any trouble. The director has taken the addiction of the women folk to the idiot box as a major supporting factor for the plot.

Madhavan’s family moves into an apartment on the 13th Floor of a building where history would have it that a family of eight was gruelly murdered. This time around Madhavan’s family too has eight members. The women folk as usual get addicted to the mega sops on the idiot box and in the new house they get to see a new serial titled “Yaavarum Nalam”.

The family quite thrilled that they get to see a new serial in the new house get too much involved into its storyline that they hardly notice that whatever happens in the serial happens to them too. Madhavan accidentally get to watch that serial at home and that’s when he gets the shock of his life when he notices the similarity of the happenings to his family with the sequences of the serial.

Further the photos of him taken in his mobile always turn out to be twisted and the guide-dog of a blind man refusing to enter his house and not to mention the lift that never works when he boards it alone are some trademark horror scenes that the director has brought in. There are few scenes where Madhavan displays his comic side but efforts have been taken to make sure that it does not affect the general mood of the movie.

The director Vikram K Kumar an erstwhile assistant director to Priyadarshan has to be given complete credit for giving this movie where logics are being taken care of and at the same time the eerie factor maintained throughout the movie. The background score by Tubbi is the major scoring point of this movie as it is the one which creates all the spine chilling sound effects.

Kids at home are definitely going to get scary and the women folk who are addicted to the serials too are to be tested when they sit in front of the idiot box next time around.

Madhavan has performed his role with lots of maturity and ease and the same can be said of the other cast for their convincing and splendid performances.

On the whole this bi-lingual movie “Yaavarum Nalam”in Tamil and “13B” in Hindi which is little over two hours is totally worth the money.


Downloading Yaavarum Nalam Movie via Internet using torrent, direct download, Yaavarum Nalam movie in rapidshare, Yaavarum Nalam movie downloading in mega upload is a crime. Downloading Yaavarum Nalam Audio Mp3 is not legal in India. The Yaavarum Nalam Movie crew : Director Vikram K Kumar, Yaavarum Nalam actor Madhavan and the Yaavarum Nalam Heroine actress Neetu Chandra has done lot of hard work to come up with a high quality movie called YAAVARUM NALAM.


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