X-Men: Days of Future PastThe seventh edition of X-Men series is out of the bag to reign in a box-office success that could put its predecessors to shame. Thanks to the adaptation of 3D technology that almost every third film gets released in this format lately. Though the format does provide some wonderful visual extravaganza unfold in front of the eyes, the conventional 2D format still holds its forte. For a film of this magnitude, it is highly recommended that it makes sense to watch it in 3D as one can be rest assured of the visual extravaganza sans the cheap gimmicks of yesteryear one would normally associate with this format.

In this installment of X-Men, the good thing is that one need not be aware of what happened in the previous 6 installments to necessarily follow the storyline. The film from the word go is more or less self-explanatory and with a little bit of common sense, it should be a no-brainer for the movie watching soul.

Director Bryan Singer along with the film’s writers in Simon Kinberg (Screenplay & Story), Jane Goldman and Mathew Vaughn (Story) have made sure that the 131 minute film (including the end titles) is on a good pace right from the word go. It’s Wolverine who hogs the center stage as he makes an all-important travel to save their race from extinction against a deadly enemy. The sequence of events that stack upon each character is executed one after another in a manner that one can ill-afford to hardly blink an eye lid.

There is suspense, there is a sense of urgency, there is action and importantly everything takes place at a good pace. The strong point of the film is that all the pivotal characters have their tasks equally distributed and hence there isn’t a period of time that veers towards boredom. When it comes to X-Men one can expect some breath taking stunts and this installment is no different.

For the ardent X-Men fan, this film can be termed as “awesome” while for the ordinary movie buff, it will definitely be rated as a good entertainer. If the “X-Men : The Last Stand” was the highest grosser for the production house with a worldwide collection of $459 million, its makers Fox Studio should strongly believe that the latest installment “X-Men : Days of Future Past” could eclipse that record at the box-office.

With a stellar cast at its service, all the actors who have carved a name for themselves in the industry and more so in this series have lived the characters to perfection. The visual effects team had put in their best foot forward to create this entertaining X-Men package.

This installment of X-Men has truly lived up to its expectations and potential.

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