The title at first resembles some link between the storyline that is to be experienced on screen and added to that in the first few minutes of the movie one just wonders where the wrong turn is actually going to come. But after the initial moments we are unleashed to a totally different genre which totally surprises you. The movie in which Cuba Gooding Jr. was supposedly to have the pivotal role ends up playing second fiddle while Miguel Ferrer in the character of Vincent steals the show without any doubt.

The movie on the whole is nothing new for the viewer the story is an age old one which is familiar in all movies that deal with drug trafficking or anything to do with mafia gangs. Trouble starts when Vincent kills a small time drug dealer Frankie Tahoe (Noel Gugliemi) without knowing that Frankie works for Nino (Harvey Keitel) who happens to be one of the biggest crime boss in the country.

Nino aggrieved by the loss inflicted on him by Vincent takes revenge by brutally murdering Tiff (Genevieve Alexandra) the wife of Vincent. Joshua (Cuba Gooding Jr.) who works with Vincent from a very young age gets agitated by this gruesome act of Nino and decides to take revenge on him. Vincent and Joshua then go on a rampage to completely wipe out Nino and his men to settle scores amongst them.

The movie though actually belongs to the action genre it ends up being nowhere close to where one would expect it to be. The only saving grace of the movie is the tremendous screen presence of Miguel Ferrer without which the proceedings would have worn a dull look. Cuba Gooding Jr. has attempted to improve from his previous ventures but the improvement is not visible enough to be seen. Harvey Keitel as the bad guy looks perfect in the role and his stylish overtones add more weight to the character.

The others who form the supporting cast have just made it so that their characters do not fall apart in the scheme of things that set the movie rolling. The writer of the movie Eddie Nickerson could have had more twist in the tale prior to the run up of the final countdown. Director Frank Khalfoun has done whatever best he could do with the script given to him.

Wrong Turn at Tahoe doesn’t qualify for a great viewing.

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