Producers spend a lot of money to churn out extravaganza which leaves the audience spellbound. On the other hand there are producers who do not care about the intricacies of film-making and end up making sub-standard films which are naive and highly predictable. Wrong Side of Town belongs to the second category as the film ends up being a sub-standard product by any yardstick.

The movie begins with ex-navy seal Bobby Kalinowski (Rob Van Dam) leading a peaceful life as an architect with his wife Dawn (Lara Grice) and daughter Brianna (Brooke Frost). One fine day they are invited for an evening in the town by their new neighbor Clay (Edrick Browne) and Elise (Ava Santana). They happen to visit the most happening club in town where Dawn gets accosted by one of the club owners Ethan (Ross Britz) and when Bobby comes in defense of her Ethan gets killed accidentally.

Perturbed by Ethan’s death, his brother Seth (Jerry Katz) puts a bounty on Bobby’s head and in the ensuing cat and mouse game, Brianna gets kidnapped and Bobby goes to rescue her which forms the rest of the story. The movie is sub-standard for the reason that the plot is uninteresting and the sequences that unfold are highly predictable.

In terms of acting Rob Van Dam who looks like a dupe for Jean Claude Van Damme displays subtle acting proficiency which is not up to the mark. Jerry Katz as the bad guy is perfect in his role and other supporting actors who form an integral part of the film have just enacted the scenes without any conviction. The movie written and directed by David DeFalco has a running time of 85 minutes and could have been made a lot better.

“Wrong Side of Town” is a wrong choice of movie to watch on any given day.

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