Wild Target is a comic representation of how a middle-aged solitary assassin tagged as the lethal best in the profession living to please his formidable mother turns a new leaf in his profession. Things turn upside down for the assassin when he falls for his young intended target and at the same time unexpectedly gets an apprentice for himself. The movie is a laugh riot from beginning to end and the plot which sounds adventurous is well made to entertain the viewers. The movie which is a re-make of the 1993 French comedy with the same title is tweaked a bit compared to the original version to make it more interesting.

Rose (Emily Blunt) a con artist in London pushes her luck to the maximum in one of the deal that an assassin has been hired by the customer who got cheated to kill her. Victor Maynard (Bill Nighy) comes in as the assassin and when he is so close to have her killed suddenly has a change of mind and agrees to be her bodyguard. In the mêlée they run into Tony (Rupert Grint) who joins this gang and they all are on the run as they are being chased by another gang who wants Rose dead.

The fun and laughter begins at this point and it continues till the end. Eileen Atkins who plays the mother of Victor is another character who is proud to see her son being called as an expert assassin as she feels the profession runs in the blood of the family. She is adamant and is aghast at the way Victor acted in his latest assignment and all leads to some rib-tickling moments.

In terms of acting Emily Blunt is at her charismatic best in the role. Bill Nighy is a perfect fit for the role and Rupert Grint after his stint as the famous Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter series plays an unassuming guy in the film.

One thing about this “Wild Target” is that the movie doesn’t move at a scorching pace but nevertheless it moves at a steady pace and with the steady sequence of events unfolding which leads to a cinematic climax and ending makes this re-make a watchable fare. The original screenplay writer Pierre Salvadori and screenplay writer of this version Lucinda Coxon have really worked on a wafer thin plot with great conviction and have pulled it off with ease in the end.

Editing by Micheal Parker is crisp but there are certain lags in few places. The movie is directed by 67 year old Jonathan Lynn who had written numerous TV series from 1970s till date. The movie has a running time of 92 minutes.

“Wild Target” doesn’t run wild but at the same time it is a nice time-pass.

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