Antarctica which is supposedly the coldest place on the earth where there are temperatures touching over – 65’c and where there are no permanent inhabitants and if you are left to experience that kind of atmosphere for close to 90 minutes it will end up being an experience to relish. “White Out” is a movie that takes place in Antarctica and the snow engulfs you from the beginning till the end and it has been shown with so much reality that you kind of unconsciously start to feel chill in the theatre.

The movie begins with a flashback to 1957 where a flight carrying some precious cargo makes an emergency landing in Antarctica killing all on board. Years later cut to present a U.S Marshall Agent Carrie Steko (Kate Beckinsale) is posted to the south pole after a drug deal conspiracy gone sour. She has to find out the culprit behind a murder within three days before the winter starts. The UN who also has interest in this project sends its representative Robert Pryce (Gabriel Macht) to investigate.

When Steko and Pryce find the dead body of a geologist they discover that there is something amiss there and continue their investigations to dig deep into the conspiracy. What happens in the end is something that the viewer would have not imagined and the final discovery on the contents of the tube is the least thing that one would have thought was present.

The movie is not without flaws there are sequences which does not have a connect. In the beginning we see a group of boys running around with their birthday suit and a few scenes later people unable to open their mouth because they do not have their coats on. Kate Beckinsale must have some kind of magic formula to prevent her skin from reacting to extreme temperatures else how is it possible for her face to remain so fresh all through the movie.

The screenplay could have been a bit more imaginative especially towards the end when the actual culprit is found. The sets and cinematography are really breathtaking. The movie is watchable in parts but on the whole it does not create the excitement one would normally get while experiencing such movies.

“White Out” directed by Dominic Sena helps you witness the splendor of Antarctica.

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