Redwood Palms Pictures “While She Was Out” is a very boring adaptation of a Short Story by Edward Bryant. The director Susan Montford decided to make this movie just because he would have thought that the target audience would be awed by the subject. The main crux of the movie is pretty normal the treatment meted out to the screenplay is pathetic.

The movie supposedly on the thriller genre hardly has any thrilling scenes in it. Most of the movie is easily predictable and when this happens the whole eagerness towards the movie fades out.

Della (Kim Basinger) a mother of two kids leads an unhappy life with her husband who always finds fault with her daily activities. On Christmas eve Della decides to go to shopping to get her kids the Christmas present.

Della who is generally annoyed with the things at home gets frustrated due to the non-availability of parking and to add to her frustration she finds a car parked haphazardly in such a way that it occupies two parking lots.

She finally gets a parking and on the way to the shopping mall she leaves a note on the haphazardly parked car. She then completes her shopping and returns back to her car. When she is about to start she finds a car parking right behind her car thereby blocking the way for Della to move her car.

A group of four guys get down from the car in an intention to sexually assault della and in the process the bad guys end up killing a police officer who comes to della’s rescue. Della then flees from there and thats where the trouble begins.

Della a witness to the murder is being chased by the four bad guys who don’t want to leave any evidence of their crime. whether they are successful in their pursuit and what happens to Della is the remaining part of this movie.

Poor Screenplay, Average performance by the lead actors and to supplement these an ordinary storyline makes this “While She Was Out” a huge disappointment.

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