Vivegam MovieActor Ajith Kumar’s 57th film which was also his third continuous collaboration with director Siva was expected to be a nail biting action thriller. Adding more fuel to the fire was the stylish trailer prior to the release which raked up the high expectations on the film. Trade Pundits were on a high predicting that this “Vivegam” would be the next big thing in Kollywood this year post the blockbuster “Baahubali 2”.

Post the film’s release, it was time for some harsh reality check. To begin with the film is a technically brilliant one with scenes shot in exotic locales of Europe. Ajith has really put in a lot of hard work which is obvious on the screen and to clarify that he had not used body double during some difficult stunts, few work shots are included in the end titles.

The major flaw in the film is the absence of a riveting story-line. The so-called story-line in the film is a copy of many Hollywood anti-terrorism plots. Touted to be an action thriller there are so many action scenes lined up one after another but it doesn’t create a connect with the audience. Net result being a no purpose high octane stunt collection gone down the drain.

Director Siva seem to have taken the star value and the mad fan following of Ajith into too much confidence thereby letting the hook of a good screenplay. There are certain unpardonable mistakes like the scene where Ajith is on a bike chase and Kajal Agarwal (who plays his wife) calls him to tell about the developments in the hospital pertaining to her pregnancy and the next biggest slump happens in the climax when in the midst of a summit clash the heroine decides to render an angry song. Such mistakes these days are not even committed by debut directors but when a renowned mass director like Siva decides to have them in a big ticket film, it is nothing but a huge disaster.

Ajith is all style and his commitment to this project is unquestionable. Vivek Oberoi as the villain is suave in his role but the dialogues given to him could have been a bit different. The most hyped Kollywood debut of Akshara Hassan is nothing but a screen time of five minutes. It’s a no-brainer that she could have chosen a better script to make her debut (the only silver lining for her to choose this film was the presence of Ajith Kumar as the lead).

Music by Anirudh is nothing worth to write about while the editor Ruben would have known at the editing table itself that this film isn’t worth the weight at the box-office. Vetri’s cinematography is exemplary and that the only aspect that stands tall among the ruins.

At the box-office, “Vivegam” will have a bumper opening during the long festival weekend but beyond that, it will sink without a trace much faster than expected. Ajith’s fan would now expect their matinee idol to work with some other director in his next film considering the mess that Siva has landed their star in.

“Vivegam” is blind barrage of gun shots which misses its target by a huge distance.

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