VishwaroopamKamal Hassan who is undoubtedly one of the fine actors of the modern era had to face a litmus test to have his latest film released in Tamil Nadu. The road blocks to the film came in the form of objections raised by Muslim organizations on few scenes depicting them in bad light in the first place and followed it an ever bigger one where the film got tangled in a legal battle with the Tamil Nadu Government. After 10 days of stalemate, the film finally gets to see the light of the day in Tamil Nadu.

Kamal Hassan in his previous films where he was in charge of Story, Screenplay and Direction were a risky proposition. Rarely have those films catered to the masses successfully and not to mention a few controversies these films had raised. When “Vishwaroopam” was started, it too had its own share of delays. Initially, the film was to be directed by Selvaraghavan and when that fell through, Kamal decided to direct it.

On the choice of heroines, first it was Sonakshi Sinha who was signed but due to the abnormal delay in start of shoot, there were many names that were doing the rounds on the likely replacements and finally the role was bagged by Pooja Kumar. Singer-Actor Andrea Jeremiah too plays an important role in the film.

The story of the film is a done and dusted one where the war against Islamic Jihadis takes a new leaf. However, the scoring point of this film is the pace of the film at which the story unfolds. Though the trademark sign of Kamal Hassan’s screenplay is too obvious in this film also wherein his presence in all the scenes of the film is mandatory, the change here is the sequence of events that stack up to make this film an interesting affair.

On the story, Dr. Nirupama (Pooja Kumar) who is a nuclear Oncology student is married to Vishwanath (Kamal Hassan) in America. Vishwanathan is a dance master.  Nirupama while wanting to investigate more on her husband gets to know of his possible other side. When Nirupama confronts him, all hell breaks loose as Omar (Rahul Bose) and his men wants to capture Vishwanathan and what follows is a flashback of events that happened between the Omar and Vishwanath and why they are at loggerheads now.

Ashmita (Andrea) and Shekar Kapur in a special appearance play important roles that provide more impetus into the storyline. In terms of acting, Kamal Hassan in the beginning as a dance master, then in the mountains of Afghanistan and completing it with a stint in New York is all well enacted. His acting talented is further highlighted in this film.

Pooja Kumar does her role to perfection in her second Tamil film. Her introduction scene make people take notice. Andrea, Shekar Kapur and Rahul Bose have all got into their characters perfectly. The film technically, is another crown for Tamil Cinema as it is brilliantly made.

In terms of extravaganza, this one is with purpose. The scenes in the Afghan mountains where the Black Hawk choppers fly past and other fight sequences are a treat to the eyes. However, a word of caution for the masala film lovers as this film though entertaining belongs to the war film genre.

The film has a running time of 143 minutes with a steady pace throughout and not to forget the recent controversies it got into is sure to rake in big bucks at the box-office.  Undoubtedly this film stands at par with any other Hollywood film and is sure to be a bench mark for a technically brilliant Tamil film.

Music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy gives more emphasis to the background score than just the songs. Editing by Mahesh Narayan is crisp while Cinematography by Sanu Varghese gives a rich feel to this mega budget film.

The good news is that the film ends in such a manner that the makers have clearly indicated that a sequel is in the offing pretty soon and the film’s co-writer Atul Tiwari has gone on records stating that the scripting work for the sequel has already begun. One hopes that the sequel doesn’t have to cross too many hurdles as its predecessor.

The film is being released in Telugu with the same title and in Hindi as “Vishwaroop”.

“Vishwaroopam” is undoubtedly a class entertainer from start to finish.


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