In “Viruthagiri” Vijayakanth plays the character of Assistant Deputy General of Police and his main aim is to follow the law of the land and to make sure at any cost criminals don’t escape the clutches of law. In this movie apart from playing the title role, Vijayakanth has also made his debut as director. The movie has music by Sundar C Babu, Editing by Saleem and costumes are desined by Premalatha Vijayakanth.

The movie from the very beginning makes it clear for the viewers that it is going to be packed with dialogues that has got loud political overtones. The dialogues are direct and its an easy guess for everyone to know that who is his target in these politically motivated dialogues. In fact, the supporting artists also add more fuel to the fire by ridiculing the family members of the ruling party.

Viruthagiri (Vijayakanth) gives a rude shock to the viewers in the beginning of the story when he uses his expertise to nab a terrorist who gave Scotland Yard police the slip. Cut to India, he is welcomed back with the traditional mass song that all his fans have seen in various movies. The only difference here is that Vijayakanth has cleverly used his party symbol and logo to good effect.

Moments later, he goes on a hot trail to find out the cause of missing  eunuchs only to discover that there is much more than that meets the eye. In his typical style, he nabs the kingpin of the group (Shanmugaraja) and then marches forward to his next assignment.

The next assignment for the talented Viruthagiri is at Australia when Priya (Meenakshi Dixit) who is the daughter of his late friend goes to Australia to study. She gets kidnapped by unidentified men but Viruthagiri with his expertise nabs the culprit and the man behind the crime. During his trail of the suspect, he also gets to meet Franklin (Arun Pandian) who is a police officer in Australia and was part of the training group at Scotland Yard.When he thinks of taking his help, as usual the unexpected happens which leads him closer to his goal. In the end everything goes fine and he returns back to India for a hero’s welcome.

The movie is undoubtedly a political rally on silver screen released much ahead of the elections. Almost every ten minutes he spews venom on his detractors in the political arena. He also sends a strong message to his fans about his plans and to other viewers about how effective he will be if voted to power.

In the technical department there is nothing significant to mention. In terms of acting, Vijayakanth is as usual the same burly figure that the viewers have got used to. The only saving grace in this movie is that he does not have a lead pair to romance which cuts down the possibility of any romantic numbers. The movie has a running time of 140 minutes.

“Viruthagiri” is a strong political rally by Vijayakanth aimed at satisfying his followers.


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