The Sucessful Pair of “Prabhu Deva & Vijay” have come together once again to re-create the same magic in “Villu” (Bow) that “Pokkiri” had achieved. But in the end they have not been very successful in their attempt to replicate the same result. The director who had decided to re-make the Hindi hit “Soldier” into Tamil decided to add too much masala into it which has spoiled the entire dish. There are too much elements that have been compromised in the movie in a motive to please the die hard vijay fan.

The movie begins with Pugazh (Vijay) with a very stormy introduction scene followed by a prolonged stunt sequence. When the initial euphoria dies down the movie slowly moves into the story where Pugazh seems to be helping the police in nabbing an international criminal.

Jhanvi (Nayanthara) is introduced as a foreign return girl wearing micro mini shorts having a bath in the river with her group of friends. Pugazh falls in love at the first sight itself.

Then the most interesting part of the story is unleashed as why Pugazh falls in love with Jhanvi. Pugazh and Jhanvi then travel to Munich to meet her father J D (Prakashraj) who Jhanvi believes as a very busy businessman but in reality it is the otherwise.

When all goes fine and Pugazh with the help of a honest cop Joseph (Manoj K Jayan) executes his plan to perfection. Jhanvi also in the mean time goes around romancing Pugazh completely ignorant of the motives of her lover. In the end when she comes to know who Pugazh is and why he had fallen in love with her she is terribly disappointed.

The movie is a very old story of a son taking revenge on the assassins of his father. The treatment from the director could have been better but on the basis of the fan-following vijay has the director probably would have thought the presence of vijay will make this movie a hit which unfortunately is very likely to happen.

Nayanthara has exposed a bit too much on screen with her alarmingly low waist line, neckline and not to mention her micro-mini skirts.

Vadivelu provides the comic relief in the movie but his comedy though no way connected to the storyline fails to vibe with the audience.

This Villu fails to make an impact on the audience.


Downloading Villu via Internet using torrent, direct download, Villu movie in rapidshare, Villu movie downloading in mega upload is a crime. Downloading Villu Audio Mp3 is not legal in India. The Villu Movie crew : Director Prabhu Deva, Villu actor Vijay and the Villu Heroine actress Nayanthara has done lot of hard work to come up with a high quality movie called VILLU.


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