Deepa Mehta’s “Videsh” is a movie which stands to the expectationwho has been very good at handling sensitive themes that are predominantly woman-centric. Even in her previous movies like “Fire”, “Earth” and a few more the distinct fact is that the woman in the movie is the one who happens to be in the thick of things. If her previous films dealt with different issues, “Videsh” deals with domestic violence, and by casting preity zinta deepa mehta has hit the bull’s eye in terms of an actor who understands the character and performs on screen.

Chand (Preity Zinta) travels from India to Canada to be with her husband Rocky (Debutant Vansh Bharadwaj) with lots of dreams within her. The twist in the tale happens when she gets assaulted by Rocky quite often and for most of the time when the fault was not with her.

On the other hand Rocky who is a cab driver does not earn much and hardly make ends meet where the entire responsibility falls upon his shoulder. Rocky pretty frustrated by all this shows his anger on Chand.

The ill-treatment does not stop with Rocky alone as she is even subjected to ill-treatment by her in-laws. She then takes up the job of cleaning napkins in a hotel where she meets a nice person in her co-worker Rosa who hails from jamaica.

Rosa on seeing her bruised face decides to help Chand out by giving a portion of the root which she had used successfully in her love life. Chand tries out the root to Rocky only to realize that he had fainted on the floor.

What happens to Chand and Rocky and what will be their next major move is the reminder of this Canadian production film.

The major un-convincing plot in this movie is the introduction of the “Seshnaag” part which hinders the pace and the seriousness of the entire plot.Director Deepa Mehta should have had a second thought before scripting the same.

Videsh is one movie which can be watched for the brilliant performance of Preity Zinta as the painful,helpless and abused woman. This film is sure to win her lot of accolades. On the part of debutant Vansh Bharadwaj he has hardly put a foot wrong in his acting and this guy is sure to go places provided he makes his choices carefully.

Music by Mychael Danna gets along nicely with the mood of the movie, but the same cannot be told of the cinematography work which is very dark and of poor quality. On the whole a paisa vasool for those who can differentiate a good movie from a bad one.

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