Sun Pictures who had acquired the distribution rights of Vijay’s 49th film “Vettaikaran” (Hunter) had made sure that the promos are splashed at all possible intervals and it generates the much needed hype and expectations from the audience. Their plan seems to have worked at least in creating the much needed hype but on the contrary the movie ends up being a rotten tomato with a very thin story which has been seen numerous times in various flicks earlier. Debutant director Babu Sivan (One time associate of director dharani) has scripted a story which would have been a safe bet a decade earlier but in the current scenario the viewers are sure of what they want from a movie even if it has the presence of a larger than life star in Vijay.

Ravi a.k.a Police Ravi (Vijay) is a carefree guy in tuticorin whose ambition is to become a police officer like his idol Devaraj IPS (Sri Hari). Devaraj goes about eliminating the bad guys in the society. Ravi comes to chennai to pursue his dreams and there he crosses line with Vedhanayagam (Salim Ghosh) who allows Ravi to grow so that the viewers get to witness a grand stand-off between the two.

Ravi irritated by the exploits of Vedhanayagam and his son decides to retaliate and what follows is some meaningless and lousy action sequences amongst the two. Ravi comes across Susheela (Anushka) in tuticorin and falls in love with her at first sight. Susheela then comes to chennai (one does not know for what reason she is in chennai) and the equation amongst the two becomes strong and both love each other.

The villain as usual does the predictable and the same old tactics of eliminating someone close to the hero and being paid back in the same manner from the aggrieved hero. In the end when the action sequences tends to get repetitive and boring, director Babu Sivan realizing the fact that the movie has already crossed close to 2 hrs and 45 mins brings the proceedings to a scorching halt much to the relief of the viewers.

Vijay’s priorities seems to have been shifting from movies to other fields of personal interest else how can he accept for such kind of amateurish script. Its high time the actor concentrates on choosing the right script and hope he has not committed the same mistake in his forthcoming landmark 50th film.

Anushka after a stellar performance in the blockbuster “Arundhati” is nothing more than playing the love interest of Vijay. It is disappointing to note that her role does not have the necessity to display her acting skills but what she has done in this movie is to provide a wholesome entertainment to the front benchers by exposing her yoga toned figure in costumes that are a blend more than dare-bare act levels.

Music by Vijay Antony is nothing worthy of mention barring a few songs which have been chartbusters courtesy the flim’s distributors. Director Babu Sivan needs to get his act right in his next film if he wants his career in kollywood to gain momentum.

“Vettaikaran” ends up being a silly movie that will not even have the support of Vijay’s huge fan base.

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