What happens when a gorup of friends on a picnic tread into an unfamiliar territory? Well, the imminent answer is that they are into deep trouble. Vertige is one such movie that deals with the same scenario where five friends venture on a mountain trail in Croatia that is closed to the public. Fred (Nicolas Giraud) fully aware of the situation convinces the others to take an alternate route which ends up in disaster for the group. The group initially calculating that they can be back to the base before sunset take on the tread very enthusiastically. In one such event the connecting wooden bridge from one mountain to another snaps up and the team is forced to take a detour to reach the base.

The friends in Guillaume (Raphael Lenglet) who happens to chloe’s (Fanny Valette) ex-boy friend, Loic (Johan Libereau) and Karine (Maud Wyler) follow fred and what they get to experience is something that they would have dared to imagine in the wildest of their dreams. They first encounter a bear trap followed by a pit full of spikes and when Fred disappears after stuck in the trap Chloe falls into one such pit full of spikes.

Terrified all four tread along the picturesque mountain only to come across the deadly butcher Anton (Justin Blanckaert) who dwells in the mountains and he targets the remaining members of the group and when he comes face to face with the group what follows is a gruesome display of murder and butchery.

Director Abel Ferry after his stint with few short films which made the world appreciate his works has come out with this horror genre movie which scores pretty well with the viewers. All the actors who belong to the breed of upcoming actors in French cinema have done a commendable job and the sequence of events that unfold on screen are without defying logic and at the same time looks natural.

“Vertige” a French movie which is dubbed into English as “High Lane” is a racy entertainer which begins on a casual pace and as events unfold ends up being a racy horror flick.

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