“Veppam” (Heat) was a film that was high on expectations as it was produced by director Gautham Vasudev Menon who is considered as a man with a midas touch in Kollywood. The movie written and directed by debutant Anjana (Assistant to Gautham Vasudev Menon) lacks substance whatsoever and importantly the screenplay is found wanting in most places. The film has the technical finesse but the present generation of viewers cannot be fooled with all those gloss and glitter. The actors have been carefully chosen so that the director has made sure that her story does not loose sheen in front of any star power.

The film begins in a typical fashion where a girl is seen walking towards the sea which gives a feel that she is on her way to commit suicide. Flashback to 18 years before and when everyone thinks that it is going to be all about what happened to the girl at her young age, the answer is no. The film starts to align itself in its track as the characters are slowly established one by one in the narrative voice of Gautham Vasudev Menon who has dubbed for Balaji (Muthukumar) the elder brother in a household. Balaji introduces the viewers to Jothi (Shimmor) his dad who deserted them at a young age and is currently a leading pimp, Karthik (Nani) his brother, Vishnu (Karthik Kumar) karthik’s friend and Revathi (Nithya Menon) Karthik’s girl friend.

Life goes on for the three youngsters without any hassles as another important character in the film Viji (Bindhu Madhavi) a prostitute is introduced in the storyline who later becomes the love interest of Vishnu. Fate has different plans for the four when things go awry for Karthik and for Viji. When Balaji comes to know that his dad was also a party to whatever had happened, he decides to set things right as the life of Karthik hangs in a balance. What happens then who wins over whom and what happens to the love angle in the story is all about in the rest of “Veppam”.

For a debutant, director Anjana looks to be too confused and unclear on how the film had to take shape as it looks like there were too many adhoc changes made to the screenplay which leaves the viewers lost in certain scenes. The film was shot in less than 50 days in and around Chennai & Pondicherry. The pace of the movie is very much on the slower side and lackluster editing by Antony has not helped matters much. Music by Joshua Sridhar falls flat except for the two chartbusters in “Oru Devathai” and “Mazhai Varum”. Art direction by Mayan is commendable especially the climax fight location which is well constructed.

In terms of acting, Nani and Karthik Kumar looks perfect for the role while Muthukumar with his varied acting scores well. Amongst the leading ladies, Nithya Menon as the uneducated girl has not done anything noteworthy but Bindhu Madhavi with her body language and myraid expressions has done a commendable job in her role of a prostitute.

The movie with a running time of 110 minutes is a doubtful proposition at the box-office.

“Veppam” is waste of time and money.

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