If “Chennai 600028, Lagaan” were about cricket and “ChakDe” was about hockey “Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu” is about Kabadi.

The story is about a kabadi group known as vennila and the struggle they undergo in life. The movie with lot of new faces except the talented Saranya Mohan and Kishore is a daring effort from the director which is sure to bring in lot of accolades.

The movie begins with the hero Mari (Vishnu) as a small boy very passionate about the game that he makes sure he plays atleast a single game before he goes to school everyday and sometimes misses his meal in the mornings.

As destiny would have it the studious boy in school looses his father in an accident and is forced to abandon school and being pushed to work in the farmlands for a living.

Years pass by and as a grown up he and his friends who have the same passion for the game form a Kabadi team called “Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu”. The team earns the dubious distinction of not winning a single game they have played irrespective of the strength of their opponents.

Saranya Mohan (who does not have a character name in the movie) in for a breezy introduction comes to the village to witness the annual temple function and she gets impressed by the genuineness of Mari. Saranya who pursues her B.Sc in Madurai and Mari a seventh standard drop-out slowly begin to like each other and fall in love. As the temple function draws to a close she promises to Mari that she will be back for the temple function next year.

The Vennila group humiliated by the defeats they had faced decides to got to madurai for a competition taking it as a challenge to win there only to know that they are not eligible to participate.

They then take the help of the Kabadi coach Kishore to participate in it and a few interesting sequences of events take place. What happens further and whether Saranya Mohan gets to unite with Mari is the reminder of the movie.

The director Susindharan must be given credit for the way he has conceptualized the screenplay and special mention has to be given to the climax which is quite different from the routine masala type movies.

The present trend clearly seems to favor movies only with lot of new faces and a plot different from the conventional ones and Vennila falls into the later. Music by Debutant Selvaganesh (Son of Ghatam Maestro Vikku Vinayagam) is very refreshing especially the “lesa” song.

The debutant actors have given a very convincing performance and not to mention the talented Saranya Mohan who though comes for a brief period of time captivates the viewers with her acting finesse and her charming smile. Kishore as the coach has played his part to perfection.

Game on for those who are willing to enjoy the exploits of “Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu”.


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