Danush’s latest release “Vengai” had set expectations sky-rocketing much before its release. Primarily the movie is a rural subject and director Hari is a master of the art in handling such subjects in a racy manner. However this time around, director looks too much out of stuff that in the end one wonders what a waste of time and money spent watching a meaningless film. The film has a good share of star cast right from Danush, Tamannah, Rajkiran and Prakash Raj to name a few but the integral aspect of the film, which is the story and screenplay is left a lot to be desired.

The film is set in Pandiapuram where Veerapandi (Rajkiran) is an influential person in the locality helps Rajapandian (Prakash Raj) become a MLA. When Veerapandi comes to know the other side of Rajapandian, he threatens him to quit his post or face consequences. On the other hand there is Selvam (Danush) son of Veerapandi who moves to Trichy to lead a normal life away from all the melee that takes place in his town.

Deciding to seek revenge, Rajapandian decides to bump Selvam and that’s when the drama begins. However, his plans are too weak to bump Selvam and in the end what happens to whom is told in this “Vengai” which has a running time of close to 150 minutes. Tamannah in the character of Radhika plays the love interest of Danush and she does nothing but ends up showing some skin in the song sequences. Her characterization is so bad that the mystery in it is easily guessable which is another minus to the pace of the film.

Director Hari looks to have borrowed ideas from his previous films as most scenes create a déjà vu effect of his previous flicks which could have been avoided. The major spoiler in the movie is the comedy track by “Ganja” Karuppu which is without taste and absolute waste of time. Music by Devi Sri Prasad sounds ordinary. Editing by V T Vijayan is so sloppy that there are many scenes that shouldn’t have seen the light of the day.

In terms of acting, except for Danush, Rajkiran and Prakash Raj no one has lived up to the expectation or rather safely said no one has acted with conviction. Tamannah looks good on screen but her introduction scene of her taking bath in a shower lets us know the motive of her presence in the film.

Hari seriously needs to get his magic touch back and movies like this are not expected from a man who knew the pulse of the audience to a great extent.

“Vengai” is mediocre stuff.


Downloading Vengai Movie via Internet using torrent, direct download and Vengai movie in rapidshare is illegal. Vengai movie downloading in mega upload is a crime. Downloading Vengai Audio Mp3 is not legal in India. The Vengai Movie crew : Director Hari, Vengai actor Danush and Vengai actress Tamannah Bhatia has done lot of hard work to come up with a high quality movie called Vengai.


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