In 2014 “Velaiilla Pattadhaari” (VIP) took the tinsel world by storm with its stupendous success. Exactly after 3 years when a sequel hits the marquee, it unfortunately falls alarmingly short of any expectations one would have had on it. The story written by Dhanush (who is also one of the producers) lacks substance and the screenplay which is written by Soundarya Rajnikanth (who has also directed the film) pulls the film down badly.

In recent memory there hasn’t been a single film in Tamil Cinema which has a mass hero in it without a climax. “VIP 2” gives that rude shock to the innumerous Dhanush fans who would have expected a riveting face-off at the end but sans any they had to leave the movie theatre a dejected lot. For the normal movie goer, the rejection from this film would have set during the interval stage itself and the second half would have prolonged the misery.

There are lot of success factors that “VIP” (prequel) had packed itself which altogether goes for a toss in the sequel. In fact, there are hardly any success factor that finds a place which doesn’t help things move in the right direction.

In terms of acting, there is not a single performance that is worthy of mention. Kajol was probably selected to play the villain role only for a reason that she had appraised a similar role in “Dilwale” earlier and she rocked at that. Her characterization in this film is weak and she doesn’t display the demeanor that is expected of a high voltage antagonist. Dhanush isn’t 25% charismatic as he was in the prequel. Vivek’s comedy doesn’t go anywhere and in general it is a collective mediocre performance from all the actors.

On the technical front too there is nothing worthy of mention. Sean Roldan’s music falls flat and uninspiring. Soundarya Rajnikanth who made an unimpressive directorial debut in “Kochadaiyan” had lot of scope to make amends in this “VIP 2” and position herself as a director with substance which she lets it slip carelessly.

On the scripting stage itself the film should have rung alarm bells for the team and if they had ignored it and hoped on Dhanush’s star image to carry the film through then the entire team had set on a path without a destination in mind. Though the makers have given a prelude for another sequel in the ending, the idea would take sometime to materialize if at all it happens.

“VIP 2” turns out to be a shabby sequel to a blockbuster.

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