Ilaya Thalapathi Vijay who had a tough time with his last few releases not doing well at the box office should be quite happy that his latest release turns out to be an absolute mass entertainer. Director M. Raja who had earlier directed only his brother “Jayam” Ravi (the exception being the Telugu film “Hanuman Junction” which had Arjun in the lead) has come out of his comfort zone and directed a hero who has an amazing fan following.

“Velayutham” is an inspiration from the Telugu film “Azad” which had Nagarjuna and Soundarya in the lead roles. However, Raja insists that “Velayutham” is a story that was written and scripted keeping in mind a mass hero image. The screenplay is absolutely racy in the first half while the second half drags a bit but the overall feel of the film is that of a complete mass masala entertainer with a typical social message for everyone.

Velayutham (Vijay) is an ordinary milk man who lives in a village with his sister (Saranya Mohan) and his lady love Vaithehi (Hansika Motwani). Velayutham comes to Chennai to arrange things for his sister’s marriage. Destiny would have it, Chennai during the time of his entry is reeling under a severe but confidential security threat.

Velayutham unaware of all this does some things which works against the Villain. The Villain wanting to kill Velayutham draws clear cut plans which goes awry. There is also Genelia D Souza who comes as the TV reporter helping Velayutham in discovering his actual power.

Velayutham then does the usual hero-villain bashing which then makes him a super-hero figure in town. The Villain then finding life difficult to handle wants to get rid off Velayutham but as per cinema sentiments the hero doesn’t die in all films and especially in a mass masala entertainer.

All of a sudden, there is another love angle wherein Genelia gets interested in Vijay and which makes Hansika Motwani get jealous and to an extent the audience begin thinking on how is this love triangle going to end. But, the suspense doesn’t stay for long as the real pair gets known much before the climax.

In the end Vijay finishes the film with a good social message which would please his fans immensely. In terms of acting, Vijay looks in shape but again there is nothing to specify about his performance. Hansika Motwani as the bubbly village girl comes across in revealing costumes and especially in the songs, she dresses up just like how an item number girl would dress up. Genelia has given a matured performance considering the other two.

Director M Raja would definitely be willing to make more masala entertainers of this voltage especially with his brother. Music by Vijay Antony is a huge disappointment. while the editing by V T Vijayan could have been more crisper in the second half where things tend to drag a little more than needed.

Santhanam in the character of speed provides the required comedy for the film which syncs with a portion of the main storyline. The movie has a running time of 165 minutes and it has all ingredients in the right proposition to strike gold at the box-office.

“Velayutham” a complete masala entertainer.

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