Much was expected of Mohan Raja post his stupendous success with “Thani Oruvan”. The film was not only a blockbuster at the box-office it also resurrected the sinking career of both himself and his brother Jayam Ravi. When Mohan Raja was collaborating with a commercial hero in Sivakarthikeyan, there was a huge anticipation that the director would replicate the same success as his previous film. Unfortunately, that success has eluded him this time around in his latest film “Velaikaaran”.

“Velaikaraan” (Worker) deals with a social issue that is currently trending in social media, which is about the dangers of junk food and the unethical manufacturing methods followed by the companies involved in it. A big kudos to the director for taking up such a relevant issue and more importantly roping big stars like Sivakarthikeyan and Nayanthara as leads.

The film in the first half deals with the activities of a don (Prakash Raj) in a slum and how Sivakarthikeyan tries to revolt against the same in a unique manner. When things seem to be going on a predictable route, the twist in the tale pops up and the story deviates to tread on a completely different path. In the end, the usual formula of good prevailing over evil takes shape but the stark difference here being that everything happens in a less dramatic manner.

The plot seems interesting but the screenplay lets it down badly. For a film of this nature one would normally expect more of a dramatic portrayal of events but here the going is slow and not much of dramatics involved. The climax which was supposed to have provided an apt finishing touch passes through like a whiff of thin air thereby not leaving any impact.

Sivakarthikeyan as the lead enacts the role to perfection but the spring in acting goes missing. Nayanthara who is undoubtedly the leading lady of Kollywood comes in a role sans glamour. Prakash Raj who is a class art when it comes to villainous roles has been completely wasted in a minuscule role compared to his experience and class.

Fahadh Faasil who is the new kid on the block in Kollywood has been pitched in as the antagonist and he has done a really commendable job as a suave businessman in disguise. Other actors like Rohini, Charlie, Robo Shankar to name a few has gone through their motions. Sneha in a guest role too belongs to the same category.

The failure of the film should squarely be owned by none other than Mohan Raja. Apart from the opening weekend, the prospects at the box-office looks very bleak and should soon be out of theaters due to non-performance.

This “Velaikaaran” is nothing but huge wastage of resource due to poor planning and execution.

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