Veeram  MovieAjithkumar after tasting stupendous success in his previous release “Aarambam” takes up a rural subject in his latest film “Veeram” directed by Siva. The film had so much expectations on it and thanks to the mass hero image of Ajith. With “Aarambam” it was a perfect “Thala” Deepavali for his fans and with this film they were hoping for a perfect “Thala” pongal and his die-hard fans would not be disappointed. However, for the normal movie viewer this “Veeram” is a huge disappointment.

Vinayagam (Ajith) is a respectable person in his town. He comes around as a kind-hearted person but at the same time stands up for justice. He and his four brothers in Vidharth, Munish, Suhail and Bala rule the roost. Walks in Koperundevi (Tamannah) as a sculpture cleaning and restoration professional and is expected to bring a twist in the tale. There is also Pradeep Rawat who is the villain.

AJith and Tamannah then travel to the latter’s hometown where there is another twist in the tale as the supposed twist in the tale at Ajith’s place never takes place. Nasser (Tamannah’s father) is a respectable person in his village and Ajith’s entry there brings in the actual twist in the tale. There is also Atul Kulkarni who overthrows Pradeep Rawat as the main villain and he in spite of a very limited screen time starts to pull the strings for the action sequences.

The major disappointment in this film is its lackluster story. The story is nothing new and it had been seen earlier in numerous films and not to forget the soap operas on TV. There are hardly any scenes that makes the viewer go berserk like what was there in “Aarambam” or “Mangatha”. The screenplay moves at a snail pace and the twists in the tale can hardly be considered.

Siva who seems to have been carried away by Ajith’s star status has let a huge gap between the expectation and delivery from his film. The stereo type ending doesn’t help the cause of the film either. Devi Sri Prasad’s music (except the theme music) is a huge disappointment.

In terms of acting, there is nothing extraordinary that Ajith had to do to enact the role of Vinayagam. Tamannah who plays the female lead is back to Tamil cinema after a long time and in a hero centric films she has nothing much to do except to feature in a couple of songs. In the songs where she totally looks out of sorts as the glamour she displayed in film like “Paiyaa” and “Siruthai” seems to be completely missing and she looks like she is out of some serious illness.

Pradeep Rawat and Atul Kulkarni have given better performances as villains in their previous outings. In the supporting cast there is Appukutty, Thambi Ramaiyaa, Ramesh Khanna, Devadarshini and Kalai Rani to name a few.

“Veeram” with a running time of 165 minutes fails to entertain the neutral audience and hence could be a neutral proposition at the box-office thanks to the huge opening Ajith’s film enjoys. With a big weekend the film is expected to do well initially but beyond the first week, it is sure that this film will not fare on the lines of what “Aarambam” had achieved.

“Veeram” is a watchable film only for die-hard Ajith fans.

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