Director Lingusamy who is being hailed off-late as a man with midas touch when it comes to masala films has taken the mantle of a producer in this “Vazhakku En: 18/9”. Balaji Shakthivel who made heads turn with his “Kadhal” in the year 2004, has tried a similar attempt but with a storyline which is less entertaining and a screenplay that needs a lot of improvement. Overall the combination of Lingusamy and Balaji Shakthivel have erred way off the mark in the name of giving the audience a meaningful film.

The film has two inter-linked plots, one is that of a love story between Velu (Sri) an orphan who works in a road side shop and Jothi (Urmila Mahanta) a maid servant in an apartment. On the other plot there are school students Dinesh (Mithun Murali) who is a spoilt brat filled with lust on Aarthi (Manisha Yadhav). It is in this inter-linking of both the stories, director wanting to do justice to both the plots has failed miserably.

In the post-release interviews, Balaji Shakthivel has said that he was told by his well-wishers that this film is an example of how a Tamil film should be made and if it was really the case, then it is really a bad sign for Tamil cinema. In the scenes where the story between Velu and Jothi unfolds, the projection is on a 35mm module assuming that the makers wanted to show the rawness / background of the subject while the scenes which has Dinesh and Aarthi it is projected on a Cinemascope format wanting to show the richness of the subject which is totally unwanted for. And again, another bad example of handling technology in the name of “meaningful cinema”.

The next is the choice of actors, to be point blank none of the four actors are good in acting. The subject required actors who are way beyond the “meets expectations” bar but all four doesn’t even qualify to meet. The supporting actors too are of the mediocre type only. It is too critical on the actors considering the fact that they are all debutants but when there are so many talented actors waiting in the wings to get a chance, these people have squandered the golden opportunity given to them.

The screenplay can’t get any dragging than this, the movie which has a running time of 120 minutes looks like eternity to finish. The ending which was expected to be a sad one goes really bad and just showing a half burnt face doesn’t help in gaining the sympathy of the audience. Also, when films are being held responsible as showing the reflection of the society, why does a policeman always have to be a villain? There are so many good souls in the police department which hardly gets shown in a “realistic” film like this one.

Music is handled by debutant Prasanna who fails to give the emotional feel to the film. Probably, Joshua Sridhar could have done more justice. Cinematography by Vijay Milton is good in patches.

Overall a director who was supposedly good in handling emotional subjects has turned cropper and the producer who is known to understand the pulse of the audience well has for some reason failed to understand that a commercially released film has to have some entertainment aspect in it. The box-office fortunes on this film looks very bleak.

“Vazhakku En : 18/9” is a complete disaster.

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