“Action King” Arjun who is fond of playing the role of a patriotic police officer shielding the nation against the enemies has done it once again in this “Vande Matharam” and the only difference here is that he has Mamooty for company. The storyline is no different from the numerous movies in which Arjun has acted but the only difference in this movie is that the execution is better compared to other movies.

Sneha who normally gets paired opposite Arjun is surprisingly paired opposite Mamooty and her role is as usual insignificant as the limelight is hogged by Arjun and Mamooty. Sneha comes for very little duration that it seems she is pushed into the scheme of things just to sizzle in a song sequence. She comes in the role of a pilot but hardly has any scope in the movie in terms of showcasing her acting talent.

Gopikrishnan (Mamooty) is an officer at the Intelligence Bureau and he is a happily settled man with his wife Sneha. He is suddenly assigned a task that requires him to pair up with Anwar Hussain (Arjun) and the task that they have in hand is to spoil the plan of an international terrorist who has set foot on Indian soil to assassinate the Indian Prime Minister (Nasser) and it is this plan the men in uniform are after.

As expected the terrorist always comes from Pakistan / Afghanistan and he has his local connections and its the duty of these two men to find out the missing links which lead to the arrest of the dreaded international terrorist. After the arrest the terrorist remains stubborn and it then takes the toll on these two men to crack the tough nut who finally come out with a plan and execute it almost successfully.

In the end it is everyone’s guess what happens to the terrorist and what would be the role of these two men in the operation. Action Arjun doesn’t look like getting bored of acting in such stereo-typed roles but the viewers are definitely bored and irritated of watching the actor in the same role movie after movie and it is high time the actor moves to a different genre.

Mamooty is his usual calm and composed self and displays subtle emotions with great impact. Sneha as mentioned earlier has nothing new to do in this movie except to expose her navel and some skin show in a song. The villain Deepak Jethi who makes his debut in this film is just mediocre.

The story and screenplay is taken care by Henry while the megaphone is wielded by Arvind. Music by Imman fails to create and impact so are the other technical departments. The movie has a running time of 130 minutes.

“Vande Matharam” fails to impress.

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