Director Pandiaraj was brilliant in his debut film “Pasanga” which was really a refreshing change from the run-of-the-mill urban / rural  love stories. Kollywood did take notice of the talented director and the movie was undoubtedly a super-hit. The next film from the same director did raise the expectations on how different is it going to be this time around considering the fact it also marked the debut of M K Arulnithi (who is the grandson of M Karunanidhi). The movie titled “Vamsam” is produced by Arulnithi’s father Thamilarasu who had produced “Gopura Vasalile” almost two decades ago.

The film’s pre-release promos did further raise the expectations and it was an acid test for the debutant on how will fare as an actor. There was also another school of thought that the movie will not have enough emphasis on the story but will be a band wagon to introduce Arulnithi as an action hero. The end result is that the director has in no way compromised on the story and the actor has come out with flying colors in the role assigned to him.

The movie is all about two villages Pulivadhanam and Singampidari fighting for supremacy amongst various communities in them. Anbarasu (Arulnithi) is being brought up as a calm individual away from the hustle bustle of these villages. There is always an enmity on Anbarasu’s family as his dad (Kishore Kumar) who died before Anbarasu was born had enemies all around.

Malar (Sunaina) is a village belle who plays the love interest of Anbarasu in the film. when Malar’s dad is killed in one such community feud by Seeni Kannu (Jayaprakash), she takes revenge by splashing cow dung water on his face. Enraged by this Seeni Kannu and his gang decide to teach Malar a lesson and that’s when the real drama begins as Anbarasu comes to save his lady love.

The movie though has its ups and downs it fares well overall. Arulnidhi has shown maturity in his acting and fits the role to perfection. Sunaina is becoming more and more film after film. There is also a scene in he film where the school in which Pasanga was filmed comes and amongst the students the Characters “Pakada” and “Kutti Mani” from “Pasanga” are still studying and continue to be the same as they were which is interesting to watch.

Art direction by Devaraj needs special mention and the same applies to the debutant music director Taj Noor. Editing by Yoga Bhaskar is slick in the first half and a little dragging in the second half which could have been avoided. Lot of research has gone into the film which is visible in the depth of the details the director has given importance to.

With a mix of romance, feuds, festivals and blood shed the movie on the whole is another different and a successful attempt by director Pandiaraj and kudos to him for the same.

“Vamsam” on the whole is a good family entertainer.

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