Silambarasan a.k.a STR was so impressed with the Telugu Super-hit “Vedam” that he decided to re-make it in Tamil under the title “Vaanam” (Sky). The movie had its own share of problems from beginning till its release. The actors who had committed to star in the film where either unable to make it at the last minute or there were few who walked out of the project mid-way. In the end STR and director Krish (Who also directed the Telugu version) has finally made ends meet and the movie finally hit the screens much to the delight of everyone.

There are 5 different stories that run parallel which culminates in the climax. There is the story of Cable Raja (Silambarasan) who is basically a guy from the slums in love with a super rich Pooja (Debutant Jasmin) under the disguise that he is also a rich guy. There is Bharath (Bharath) who aspires to have his own rock band and is on his way from Bengaluru to Chennai to have his first live performance. The third story is that of Saranya who is  a widower and belongs to a poor family is in need of money to save her son from being employed due to their non-payment of dues. The fourth story has Rahim (Prakash Raj) who comes from Tuticorin to Chennai in search of his brother who disappeared three years ago. Finally it is the story of Saroja (Anushka) who is a prostitute by profession who comes to Chennai to have her own company so that she can earn more money.

These stories look so enriching and entertaining on paper but on screen the movie turns out to be a huge disappointment due to the fact that it is neither a typical Silambarasan film nor the stories are so disconnected till the end that the focal point of attention keeps oscillating till the climax. The climax however saves the day for the movie but it is too little too late.

The one major striking drawback in the film is the story of Saroja which is dubbed from the Telugu version which is quite evident from the non-sync of the lip movement and the dialogues. Anushka though seems to have understood the character of a prostitute well and she has brought in the subtle body language to portray the role perfectly and also she throws in so much glamour with her skin show that it is a treat to the front-benchers.

For Silambarasan though the role of Cable Raja is a cake-walk however Jasmin who plays his lady love has spoiled the show with her amatuerish acting. Bharath’s role as a lazy and egoistic youth fails to grab attention amongst the viewers.

The part which has Prakash Raj does create an impact which has been largely due to the natural acting of the versatile actor. Sonia Agarwal who comes as his wife has returned to silver screen after a gap of 4 years and though her role is very limited.

The most touching story is that of Saranya’s struggle to save her son from being employed which is well made and that is one part which really makes the audience feel pity for her character and she has performed the role exceedingly well.

Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is brilliant at places while the editing of Antony has its own share of glitches. Director Krish seems to have worked a compromise formula for this re-make which has backfired badly and it is very doubtful whether “Vaanam” will be able to replicate the success of “Vedam” at the box-office. The movie has a running time of 165 minutes.

“Vaanam” is a film that is badly made and fails to connect with the audience.

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