From the producer of “Tamil Padam” and director of “Oram Po” comes a creation which is expected to bring the roof down with their latest comedy film “Va Quarter Cutting”. The movie has Shiva in the lead along with S P Charan and Lekha Washington plays the female lead. The movie generated so much hype that expectations was on a high prior to its release. Whether the movie was able to meet the expectation ? The answer is a big NO.

The problem with the movie is its fragile storyline complimented by a disastrous screenplay. What else can be said if the director has failed to showcase the night life of Chennai city in a gripping manner. The scenes move at a snail’s pace and to make matters worse the songs in the movie further drags down whatever little tempo is left.

The storyline is designed in such a way that the entire sequence of events take place in a single night. Sundararajan a.k.a Sura (Shiva) comes to Chennai to fly to Dubai for employment and he has with him Marthandam (S P Charan) who is a veterinary doctor for company. When Sura meets the travel agent to collect his tickets, he is being warned that he should stop consuming liquor.

Alarmed by this Sura decides that before he leaves for Dubai, he needs to have a Quarter Cutting. Marthandam and Sura embark on a journey to get that quarter bottle liquor and everywhere they go it is disappointment after disappointment. In the meantime they come across Saraswati a.k.a Saro (Lekha Washington) who wants to commit suicide as she has flunked in XIIth for the third time. What happens after this as Saro also joins the duo and what happens from thereon is the reminder of the story.

Directors Pushkar & Gayathri who had made an not so impressive debut with “Oram Po” should have corrected lot of mistakes that has been committed. Also the editing department needs to be responsible for the slackening pace of the movie. The music by G V Prakashkumar is a huge disappointment. The movie has a running time of 140 minutes and in terms of box-office fortune, the movie is sure to bite dust.

“Va Quarter Cutting” has no kick in it.

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