Uttama-VillainKamal Hassan seems to be controversy’s favorite child. Almost all his films get embroiled in some controversy or other and it takes so much pain and effort to settle the storm. In his latest film “Uttama Villain” which had initially faced opposition from Hindu groups stating simple reasons. When all was settled and said to be hitting the screens, there came another roadblock in the form of a financial dispute between producer Thirupathi Brothers and Distributor / Financier Eros International which further delayed the release by 1.5 days in its home turf (Tamil Nadu).

“Uttama Villain” has the story and screenplay written by none other than Kamal Hassan and which means that actor Kamal Hassan would be present in each and every scene right from scratch to finish which happens in this film also. If the screenplay could have been with some more twists and turns or with a different approach to the storyline, probably the film would have been more enjoyable than how it turned out to be.

Kamal Hassan plays himself in the film except for the change in character name. As a film star, Kamal has all that he needs but a sudden turn of events twists his world upside down. He then rushes to meet his mentor in K Balachander again with a change of character name and they both decide to join hands to make a film. Why does Kamal have to go to Balachander and what made the latter agree to make the film is all about in the remaining part of the film.  “Uttama Villain” was initially scheduled to run for 177 minutes got trimmed to 162 minutes.

The highlight of the movie is the exemplary performance of Kamal Hassan while the undoing factor is its lackluster screenplay. Kamal Hassan as everyone knows is a brilliant actor and that goes without any argument but when it comes to screenplay, he sometimes comes up with brilliant ones and at the same time with some pretty ordinary stuff and this “Uttama Villain” is nothing but just ordinary in terms of screenplay.There are few comic moments that light up the proceedings but such moments are far and few between them. If it was not for Kamal Hassan as the lead, this film would have never seen the light of the day.

Pooja Kumar who jumped into silverscreen with “Vishwaroopam” plays a significant role, while Andrea Jermiah again from “Vishwaroopam” camp too does the same. Urvashi who brought the house down in “Micheal Madana Kama Rajan”, “Magalir Mattum” and many more films with her acting plays a mature character in this film. It’s a rarity as to identify who happens to be the leading lady in Kamal’s film and that rarity has occurred here.

K Vishwanath, Nasser, M S Bhaskar, Shanmuga Raja, Parvathy Menon (Marian fame), Jayaram, Music director Ghibran and others complete the list of supporting actors and with due credit, there is not a single glitch in their acting that was noticeable.

Ghibran as music director seem to have done complete justice to the opportunity provided to him but on hindsight he could have been more aggressive with the songs as none of the songs from the film is a chartbuster.

Director Ramesh Arvind who under the guidance of Kamal Hassan has handled a big opportunity in his directorial career with ease. It definitely looks like Kamal had a wish to play a character of such varied colors with a comic overtone and he has definitely made his wish come true.

The film apart from the initial hype and controversy would find itself very difficult to hold forte in the long run at the box-office. Metro audience would appreciate the film while the non-metro crowd which forms a decisive percentage in deciding if a film is a hit or not would not be too overwhelmed with the final output.

“Uttama Villain” is a film to watch only for Kamal’s performance and nothing beyond that.

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