Animation major Pixar have time and again released movies that belong to different genres. Up is a movie which deals with the dreams that a young man has and along the journey of life how hard it becomes for him to achieve the dream. The story however does not end there but it further rolls on and shows the mental toughness required for an individual to succeed in life irrespective of the odds stacked against him.

The movie begins with a young boy Carl watching a newsreel on his hero Charles Muntz who is a super-explorer and his new invention A skeleton which he declares as the beast of Paradise Falls a place in South America. When Carl gets too excited he gets to know that scientists exposes the fact that Muntz has faked the skeleton. Muntz is stripped of his medals which leave him devastated and he decides to return back to Paradise Falls with a vengeance to bring back the beast.

Carl then meets Ellie an aspiring explorer. Carl and Ellie get married grow up and start saving every penny in a jar for their expedition to Paradise Falls. As time rolls on, the jar is broken to pay for life’s needs which eventually leads to start a new jar every time. Carl suddenly discovers that he’s really old and looks back at the life he has lived without the things being fulfilled.

Ellie falls ill and passes away. Carl lives a secluded life disconnected from the outside world. Carl then meets Russell an energetic young boy who is an wilderness explorer and he volunteers to help him. Carl gives him a job and Russell immediately rushes to get it done.

One day Carl in a fit of rage hits a man which pushes him to a situation where he has to leave the house and move to an old age home. Carl then decides of an idea wherein he need not part with his home where he and Ellie lived and there begins the real adventure.

Carl with the help of Russell, a big bird and a talking dog continue their adventure in Paradise Falls before things go haywire thanks to the presence of Charles Muntz. What Carl does to save his dear ones from Charles Muntz is in the remaining part of the movie.

The movie stands out from other animated flicks in terms of the sensitiveness the subject requires and also the graphics is worth every penny. Though the story on the whole is unrealistic but who cares if the movie satisfies the entertainment quotient amongst the viewers.The movie written by Pete Docter, Bob Peterson and Thomas McCarthy is jointly directed by Pete Docter and Bob Peterson.

“Up” which won the Oscar Awards for the best Animated feature film of 2009 and the best Original Music Score by Michael Giacchino is truly a visual treat.

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