The movie on the whole stands up to the title it has got and to an extent the idea of making a film on these lines is really commendable. The story deals with terrorism and in US and western countries anything linked with terrorism sells like hot cakes. The movie stars the affluent Samuel L Jackson and this movie would definitely be on the list of his best performances till date in his illustrious career. Carrie-Anne Moss post her Matrix and Disturbia exploits has been splendid in her role of a FBI agent.

The actual star of the movie is the screenplay writers who have definitely made a brilliant attempt which has helped the movie a gem in the ocean. A gem in the sense that there are innumerable films that was made which had the backdrop as terrorism but to make sure that they don’t fall into the same pit as others is the success the filmmakers will cherish.

The movie begins on a usual note where Younger (Michael Sheen) makes a video statement that he has some demands to be met and that he has placed three nuclear bombs in three cities of USA. The FBI is kept under wraps till the head of CIA walks in to the scene to convey the green signal for the FBI head to pass on the classified information to other FBI officers.

Enters Henry (Samuel L Jackson) a CIA interrogation specialist along with Agent Helen (Carrie – Annie Moss) a FBI agent and what follows is an intriguing tale of interrogating a terrorist. The movie has too much gore and in certain scenes the violence just jolts the viewer out of their seats.

In the end if the interrogating officers were effective in their mission or not is shown in the reminder of the film. Samuel L Jackson has proved his mettle and special mention needs to be bestowed on the director of the film Gregor Jordan. The pace at which the film moves is appreciable though there might be glimpses of previous terror flicks on the movie. The viewers are in awe with the way the movie ends which is a huge success for the makers.

The actors look in perfect sync with their roles and the racy screenplay coupled with brilliant acting makes this “Unthinkable” a treat to watch. the only negative in the film is the degree of gore that gets displayed which makes this movie suitable only for restricted audiences worldwide.

“Unthinkable” an entertaining movie based on the backdrop of terrorism.

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