“Unstoppable” is a movie that qualifies to be a great weekend entertainer. The storyline is simple, the actors are experienced enough and most importantly the screenplay that has been etched out for this particular story is brilliant. The story is about how two railway employees stop an unmanned train whizzing past at over 60 miles an hour. The movie in the beginning does not waste time to establish the characters and once the main plot begins to take prominence, the sequence of events move at a rapid pace and this pace has been maintained throughout the movie.

The story takes place in the picturesque Pennsylvania railroad region where Will Colson (Chris Pine) begins his inaugural day at work along with a 28 year veteran Frank Barnes (Denzel Washington). As they begin their day’s work unaware that an unmanned train has left an alternate station and is heading straight in their path. Little does the duo know that the unmanned train has no air brakes and to complicate matters further, it is carrying tons of hazardous chemicals which could wipe out population within no time.

When Will and Frank comes to know of the danger heading towards them, they act swiftly to move away from the line of fire. Frank being a veteran in the trade thinks of another alternative to stop the train. The duo then set course to do the unimaginable task and whether they get to stop it before its too late is all about in the latter part of the film.

In true sense, the screenplay is engaging from start to finish. Denzel Washington and Chris Pine have put in commendable performances. In the supporting cast, Rosario Dawson who plays the character of Connie who works as the yard supervisor has given a subtle performance which helps keep the tempo of the story moving at a steady pace. The movie has a running time of 92 minutes and is inspired by true events.

Director Tony Scott who had earlier made films like “Man on Fire”,“Deja Vu” and “Taking of Pelham 123” has once again enthralled the viewers with this high action drama. There are few scenes that are really breathtaking to watch and especially the one where the train moves towards the densely populated areas are well mounted and it pushes the viewers to the edge of their seats.

“Unstoppable” is a feel good entertainer.

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