Kamal Hassan’s latest flick Unnai Pol Oruvan (UPO) is a remake of the Hindi film “A Wednesday”. The original version had Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher playing pivotal roles is being done by Kamal and Mohan Lal in the Tamil version. The major advantage of this movie is that the actors in both the versions are veterans in the field and they have proven their mettle to perfection. The movie directed by Chakri Toleti (Remember the friend of Kamal Hassan in Dasavatharam who wrongly couriers the parcel to India) is a reflection of common man’s anger towards terrorism.

Kamal plays the protagonist against terrorism which is not known to the viewer in the beginning but they tend to think that Kamal happens to be the mastermind behind a gang which plots major terrorist activities. Mohan Lal plays the role of a Police Commissioner and he has performed the role with style and at the same time his body language and his expressions at crucial junctures reveal his class.

There are few scenes that expose the lack of responsibility of politicians in crunch situations. The viewers empathize with Mohan Lal when the Chief Minister and the Home Secretary (Lakshmi) discuss on their election fortunes when an issue of high seriousness is on the table.

Kamal Hassan who meticulously plans and executes his movies has made sure that all actors are hand picked by him and that has ensured that they fit into their characters to perfection.

Music by Shruti Hassan is mediocre and she has to put in lot of efforts to break into the top league. Director had his task cut-out for a reason that this movie was a frame to frame remake of the original. Kamal and Mohan Lal undoubtedly hog the limelight and steal the show hands down.

The supporting cast which includes Ganesh Venkatraman (Abhiyum Naanum fame), Santhana Bharathi, M S Bhaskar, Anuja Iyer, Mukthar Khan, Dr. Bharat Reddy (as Inspector Sethu) and many more have added more strength to this unconventional entertainer.

Unnai Pol Oruvan is a feel good and breezy entertainer.

For the history, Unnai Pol Oruvan was made in 1965 by Jayakanthan based on his novel by the same name.The film belonged to the genre of parallel cinema and it was appreciated by the niche audience for its realism.The current Kamal Hassan-Mohan Lal starrer by the same name is neither its sequel nor its remake. It has borrowed the name of the old film but it is actually a remake of a Hindi film. So much for the confusion.

In Hollywood when a film appears with the old title it is usually its remake. Beauty and the Beast, The Hound of the Baskervilles, M A S H, 39 Steps, Psycho, Omen and Postman always rings twice are some of the examples.

Billa- an Ajith starrer which was a remake of the earlier Rajini hit with the same name conforms to that tradition. But of late watching the trend of retaining only the old titles to their films sans the story ,one wonders if our film makers are title deficit. Why not our film makers who are too eager to copy films from Hollywood also copy this healthy tradition of theirs?


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