A group of guerrilla fighters from a Russian breakaway republic called Paslan have a master plan in place to get 110 of their comrades released from prison in exchange for the kidnapped Prime minister’s son and daughter. The group has also taken into custody the abandoned Chernobyl nuclear plant and thereby threatening to rig an explosion that would be as deadly as “100 times more powerful than the bombs dropped in Japan” resulting in a radioactive cloud let loose. At this point the story might sound interesting and when the Universal Soldier movie series begun in 1992 with the Roland Emmerich directed original we expect more from it and its lead actor in Jean Claude Van Damme. In the end or rather mid way through the movie we can notice that the director John Hyams (son of noted film maker Peter Hyams) has got his calculations awfully wrong as we get to witness some cheap lop-sided stunts with lots of bloodshed.

This installment of Universal Soldier unleashes the prototype developed by US Army called UniSol which is a deadly combination with a motive of destroying the enemy force irrespective of injuries inflicted on them during battle. The Army while in the process of fine tuning the prototype gets all wrong when they run amok killing close to a dozen individuals on duty. The government drops the project and these prototypes are deactivated except for one indigenous UniSol in Luc Deveraux (Jean Claude Van Damme) who is undergoing a rehabilitation programme.

The guerilla fighters get to steal a prototype from the US Army which is named as NGU (Andrei Arlovski) and they march ahead in their battle with him as a back-up. NGU single-handedly does the unthinkable and when the Army decides to activate the dormant UniSols against NGU it ends up in disaster as he is found to be of a superior breed. When such a situation arises as a viewer we are left with no suspense about what is to happen next and for that everyone would have got it right and they wait for the final do-or-die battle between NGU and Luc who is brought back to fight it out and safeguard the nuclear plant and Prime Minister’s kids from the enemy.

Jean Claude Van Damme looks so old and worn out that this movie might not regenerate his career fortunes. Andrei Arlovski on the other hand looks fit and his physique suits the role to perfection. The major downturn in this movie is its story and the highly predictable screenplay which in turn produces a dull gory product for the viewers.

“Universal Soldier : Regeneration” a major disaster that is not worth the watch even on DVD.

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