When Director Kabir Khan and Actor Salman Khan joined together earlier for “Bhajrangi Bhaijaan” it was celebration time for everyone mainly due to the content and the superior treatment that was given to the story-line. The same duo who come together again for their latest film “Tubelight”, the fun and celebration on screen goes missing. It is understandable that every film needs to be different especially when it has Salman Khan in the lead but in the process of becoming different, this film fails to meet the expectation of the audience.

Set during the period of Indo-China war, “Tubelight” is about how a brother awaits the return of his sibling from the warfront. The twists in the story-line goes exactly as expected (which is a letdown from Kabir Khan) but towards the end of the film the going gets tougher as there are many drag sequences which could have been avoided.

Infact, the first half of the film passes the litmus test but the spoiler only being the second half which apparently doesn’t give an entertaining finish feel to the film. Salman Khan being the main protagonist carries the film on his shoulders like how he used to do it for his films but without an unexpected twists to the proceedings it’s a big letdown for the viewer.

The surprise package in the film is the cameo played by Shah Rukh Khan and another interesting addition to the cast is the introduction of Chinese actors Zhu Zhu and Matin Rey Tangu (it is rumored that the inclusion was done keeping in mind the business prospects of the film in China).

Inspite of the presence of a stellar cast that includes Om Puri, Sohail Khan, Yashpal Sharma and Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub there is not a single actor who stands out due to their performance. For professional actors, the characters should be a cake walk.

The cinematic ending again was the least expected but one shining spot is Kabir Khan’s love towards nature which is very much evident in the film thanks to the scenic locales which is captured to perfection by cinematographer Aseem Mishra.

Overall not a game changer at the box-office but should end up doing decent business and thanks to the long holiday weekend.

This “Tubelight” fails to glow at its full potential.

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