The previous two installments of Toy Story was fun watching to everyone irrespective of their age differences. The third installment in the Toy Story series is more fun to watch than its predecessors. The storyline and the pace of the latest installment is simply an amazing experience to watch and with the movie on 3D it fits the bill for a perfect entertainer. The opening scene of the movie is a revelation to various animation films that had been released through the years.

The story is all about Andy (Voice of John Morris) who is now a 17 year old boy grown-up and is on his way to college in a few days. Andy’s collection of toys still consider him as a kid when he was playing with them with full vigor which obviously over the years has completely died down. The toys longing to play with Andy get disappointed when he decides to put them in the Attic. Things go for a toss and the toys end up being donated to a day-care center where the toys are put through a rigorous grind every hour which are too much to handle for the toys.

Woody (Voice of Tom Hanks), who somehow escapes from the day-care center decides to return to the center to rescue his friends as he comes to know that the toys in the day-care center have a treacherous time with a strawberry scented bear Lotso (Voice of Ned Beatty) who plays the baddie controlling the other toys in the day-care center.

Woody and his friends eager to get back home and be with Andy then plan a great escape which is filled with thrill and suspense packaged in it. In fact the movie is so good due to the fact that the treatment given to the storyline is so natural and it helps the viewers connect with the situation. The graphics and the scenes where the toys are being played with humans are just good imagination.

The character that steals the show after Woody and Lotso is Buzz Lightyear (voice of Tim Allen), the astronaut toy which is reset to factory settings by the bad guys and when later Woody decides to set him right he switches to Spanish language speaking astronaut which is hilarious to watch. The movie which has a running time of 100 minutes is a treat to watch and worth every penny spent

“Toy Story 3” is an enjoyable roller-coaster ride.

Watch the Trailer of “Toy Story 3”:

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