Director A R Murugadoss after a successful attempt in 7am Arivu decided to try his hands on an action entertainer and scripted this film. This time around, he had scripted this film keeping in mind the Hindi audience as he was planning to can it first for the Bollywood audience. However, Vijay was signed to do this film and it was first made in Tamil. Reports suggest that A R Murugadoss will soon re-make this film in Hindi.

First upon first, “Thuppakki” belongs to the category of masala entertainers and hence the scope for logic and other realistic thoughts needs to be thrown out of the door before entering the theatre. The story line is simple wherein Jagadish (Vijay) an army officer comes to Mumbai to find a suitable girl to get married and spend time with his family. However, when he comes across the bad guys accidentally he gets into action and cleanses the society from the bad guys.

Vijay in terms of acting has done a decent job. In the action sequences, he gets into his own zone which augurs well for the action entertainer genre. Nisha (Kajal Agarwal) plays the love interest of Vijay in the film with limited scope for acting which she fails to utilize. In fact, Kajal fails to carry her charm which she had in her previous films. Compared to what she was in “Naan Mahaan Alla”, she looks a lot jaded. Sathyan as Sub-Inspector of police gets good screen time but here too there is nothing much in terms of acting. Jayaraman comes in a cameo appearance in the beginning, middle and end of the film.

Vidyut Jamwal plays the bad guy in the film and his stature augurs well for the role he portrays. Post Billa II, this “Thuppakki” happens to be the second Tamil film where Vidyut portrays a character with negative shades. Manobala, Akshara Gowda, Deepthi Nambiar and others play supporting cast in the film.

In terms of the overall film, this “Thuppakki” is a disappointment. The reason being that apart from Vijay’s action scenes there is nothing in the film that makes one take notice of. The screenplay is lackluster and many places it makes the viewer wonder why are there so much unnecessary sequence stacked into this film. A R Murugadoss may have satisfied hard core Vijay fans with this film but overall this film could have had more twists and turns to keep the viewers at the edge of their seats.

The first half of this film has nothing in it. Considering that the second half has just something in it and it is only “just”. “Thuppakki” with a running time of 2hrs and 45 minutes is a dull film for the ordinary movie buff.

Another major drawback of this film is the music and this can be termed as Harris Jeyaraj’s poorest composition. None of the songs are a treat to the ears. Google Google song due to its popularity is ok but its choreography is too lazy. Cinematography by Santhosh Sivan is commendable. Editing by Sreekar Prasad could have been crisper.

The initial reports on this film suggest that it is a run-away hit. It can be said that Vijay and Producer Dhanu happen to be lucky this time as they have a hit delivered at the box-office. But, this film is way below the entertainer mark.

“Thuppakki” fires but disappoints to a great extent.


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