Vishal’s latest flick “Thoranai” is a full-masala entertainer but the only issue with this entertainer is that the proportions to make the masala attractive has gone totally wrong. The movie is an age old story which is predominantly a cat and mouse game between the hero and few rowdies and at the same time he has a good-looking heroine to romance with. There is nothing new in this movie and in fact in lot of the places the pace of the movie puts one to sleep. Vishal post his “Satyam” debacle was expected to choose a story which will put his drooping career back on track.

Murugan (Vishal) a happy guy in the village comes to Chennai with a promise to his mother that he will find out his elder brother who left home when he was 10yrs old. Murugan has an able friend in Santhanam who also handles the comedy track of the movie.

As expected Murugan gets into trouble amongst the two gangsters in Prakash Raj and Kishor. Murugan at the same time gets to meet Indu (Shriya Saran) and falls in love with her.

Then there is a twist in the tale when Murugan gets to know that Kishor is his elder brother (courtesy of a mark in his chest) and he takes it as a challenge to change him and take him back to the village and unite with his family.

The movie directed by Saba Iyappan is a very old story which is not helped by the dragging and no-logic screenplay. Music by Manisharma is below average and not even a single song stays in mind.

Vishal needs to improve a lot in acting if he wants to compete with the established stars in the industry. Prakash Raj is the only saving grace of the movie with his usual style of acting.

Shriya Saran has nothing much to do apart from exposing her navel and other assets while romancing Vishal in the songs and her character totally fails to gel with the story. The supporting cast in Shiyaji Shinde, Paravai Muniyamma and others have done nothing to make this movie more crisper.

“Thoranai” on the whole is a pain for the viewer.


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