On 25th June 2009 the entire world was shocked by the sudden demise of Pop legend Michael Jackson who was just 50 and that too at a time when his huge fan base were eagerly looking forward to his comeback concert in London. People world over couldn’t control their emotions when they came into terms with reality that their Iconic Michael Jackson can never be seen again.

Michael Jackson’s concert director and his good friend Kenny Ortega has brought out to the world a rare collection of rehearsals footage and back stage activities of the comeback concert shot by Michael Jackson’s team for the library of the pop star.

Kenny Ortega and his team has put together this footage collection and made it into a motion picture titled “This Is It”. The movie which entirely belongs to Michael Jackson is on a documentary style but believe it never ever a documentary has been so engrossing as this. There might have been instances earlier where documentary films might have been emotionally touching but “This Is It” is a film that makes you feel the true worth of a legend who is no more with us.

The concert itself was designed in such a way that the world’s best dancing talents would have been sharing the same floor with Michael Jackson. Right from the auditions to identify these talents  till the rehearsals Michael Jackson makes sure that he always got what he wanted. If things went wrong Michael then informs them of his expectations and no where one can see him getting annoyed and also he assures them that they all are there for support.

The director also has released a few shots which would have been the final product and believe it the experience would have been out-of-the-world if it had made it to the D-day. The man is no doubt a genius and the way he rejuvenates his voice and the strategies that he handles are simply breathtaking.

In the end when the credits roll one gets the feeling that the world has been robbed of a history in the making by virtue of these concerts not taking place and the movie also increases the respect one has for the Pop legend.

“This Is It” which runs only for 2 weeks is a rare treasure about Michael Jackson and his team.

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