“Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru” or 4T is a refreshing change amongst the run-of-the mill masala movies. Debutant director Nandhini has proved her mettle in her first film itself. The director Nandhini J S who was an assistant director to Priya (kanda Naal Mudhal) has learnt the nuances of the trade. The movie in spite of its pitfalls achieves in making the audience return home with the satisfaction of having watched a refreshing movie.

The movie begins on a comical note right from the titles till the introduction of the hero Arjun (Ajmal) as a carefree guy who comes in always late to office along with the most meticulous and time conscious heroine Archana (Debutant Rupa). Both Arjun and Archana work for an Ad agency who are into small projects headed by Srinivasan (Moulee).

The agency runs into a big client and for that they are in need of a baby model who falls sick the day before the shoot. Arjun and Archana then run around searching for a perfect baby but of no avail. Arjun then accidentally gets the baby wherein the baby happens to be a kidnapped one which the lead pair comes to know only later.

Arjun and Archana then finish the shooting with the baby as the project involves lot of investment from their boss. The both then try to find out the real parents for the agreement to be signed without which the project will run into loss. The remaining part of the movie where the lead pair goes about the job of finding the baby’s missing parents is told in a comic way.

Moulee as the cool boss elevates his performance in each movie and in this one he is top-notch. Ajmal after his heavy performance in Anjathey and TN-07-AL-4777 has opted for a light role and he fits the role to perfection. Debutant Rupa looks cute and is not all that bad in her first movie but there is definitely loads of scope for improvement in her acting if she intends to join the top league of Kollywood.

Music by Manisharma is soothing and his background score in few scenes are really commendable. Cinematography by Sudhir K Choudhury is refreshing and colorful.

The movie fails in continuity a couple of times in the first place when Moulee comes to visit Ajmal’s flat he reads a sticker on his mirror which Ajmal plucks it and puts it into his T-shirt but in the next shot when Ajmal and Rupa speak together the sticker in the mirror appears back all of a sudden!. In the second instance when they come to know that the lady’s name  that they are looking for to find out the true parent is Esther and not Sarala, Ajmal still continues to say Sarala when he travels in the auto could have been avoided.

On the whole “Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru” ends up being a clean family entertainer.


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