Director Raja in combination with his actor brother “Jayam” Ravi churned out hits after hits in spite of all the movies being re-makes. Their latest attempt in re-making the super-hit Telugu film “Kick” generated so much expectation that almost everyone was sure that they had a winner in their hands. However, the blatant truth is that the combination has failed first time and that too miserably in re-creating the same magic that “Kick” did in Tollywood. The storyline of the movie is quite interesting and had the potential of making the film a hit provided it had the necessary support in the screenplay that was tweaked to suit the taste of local audience. Unfortunately the biggest spoiler in “Thillalangadi” is the weak screenplay coupled by some mundane acting by Ravi and Tamannah Bhatia.

The movie begins with Nisha (Tamannah Bhatia) flexing her body curves for some yoga in Malaysia. In comes her family and informs her that she will be meeting a guy whom if she likes will become her husband. Nisha then meets Krishna Kumar (Shaam) who is a strict police officer in India and they both meet in a train to understand each other better and take a decision (A strange location chosen). When they start talking Nisha opens up her past where she fell in love with Krishna (Jayam Ravi) and how their life changed from then till now.

When Krishna Kumar begins his story there comes the much needed twist in the plot where he has come in pursuit of an intelligent thief who is currently in Malaysia. The story then moves along with these three characters in tow and what happens in the end is all about in this “Thillalangadi” which comes with a tagline “Kick-o-Kick”.

As mentioned earlier the screenplay spoils the entire show and the twists that are packaged in the storyline are far too predictable and at the same lacks logic. Prabhu who comes as Krishna’s dad is done a decent job considering that he comes only in few scenes and so is the case with Suhasini Maniratnam who comes as Krishna’s mother.

Vadivelu and Santhanam are squeezed into the story to provide the comic relief but whatever so-called comedy they perform on screen fails to evoke any laughter. Jayam Ravi looks fresh and energetic throughout the movie but the real pain point is that there hasn’t been any change in his acting and looks like he is becoming stereo-typed in performing unchallenging roles. Tamannah Bhatia is too generous in skin show with skimpy costumes but in terms of her performance there is nothing worthy to mention. Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is a huge disappointment.

“Thillalangadi” ends up being a dud from Jayam Ravi and Raja.


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