Millennium Films “Thick As Thieves” is a very interesting movie set in Russia about a master thief recruiting a very notorious thief to steal two famous faberge eggs from a highly secure vault in order to repay his debt to the Russian mob. When the master thief and the notorious thief play double game over the other, there is no short of thrills in this movie.

When the master thief proves to his recruit how smart he is and in turn when the recruit shows his other side the master proves his mettle. Gabriel (Antonio Banderas) decides to rob in a train where a group of Russian jewelers travel with a prized possession and during the robbery Keith Ripley (Morgan Freeman) gets fascinated by his precision at work.

Ripley who is in need of a partner to accompany him during the grand theft at Romanav Jewelers gets fascinated by Gabriel in the way he executes the train robbery. Ripley then follows Gabriel and tells him about what he does for a living.

Alex (Radha Mitchell) then introduced as a girl who is pretty and at the same time bold and energetic. Gabriel flirtatious in the beginning gets his enthusiasm brought down when he comes to know that Ripley too knows her.

Ripley then takes Gabriel to the Romanov Jewelers exclusive party held for NYPD with a forged invitation. There they are confronted by the police officer whose identity was forged by the duo to gain access.

The police officer pretty sure that these two are up to something big does not arrest them as he feels the dignity of the NYPD is at stake for the reason that his own invitation was stolen and someone had used it to good effect.

In the meantime Nicky Petrovich who needs the eggs kidnaps Alex and gives the two guys an ultimatum to bring in the treasured possession at Romanov Jewelers. What follows is meticulous planning and intelligence employed by these two to gain entry into the highly secure vault.

Gabriel then tricks Ripley and takes the faberge eggs to save Alex exposing Ripley to the security guards of Romanov. What happens to those eggs and whether Gabriel gets to save Alex or the fate of Ripley at the hands of the security guards is the reminder of the movie.

Director Mimi Leder has come up with a highly interesting product with some short stints of sexual content and the action sequences with special mention to the train robbery sequence at the beginning of the movie.

On the whole a movie to watch for the individual brilliance of Morgan Freeman and Antonio Banderas.

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