“Thenmerku Paruvakatru” looks like another village based love subject that brings to the forefront more new faces and technicians. The movie as such maintains a good pace which keeps the audience interested for most part of the proceedings and the only hiccup is the storyline which without any surprising twists is a tad disappointing. Director Seenu Ramasamy has done a lot of work especially in characterization which somehow covers up for the dullness of the screenplay especially in the second half.

The movie to bring in the rustic feel is aptly shot in the interiors of Theni district which adds more value to the feel of the film. Murugayan (Debutant Vijay Sethupathy) lives with his single mother Saranya who earn their living by rearing goats and farming. The land they live is so dry that there are people who also make their living by stealing goats from the pen. In one such instance when the burglars try to steal from Murugayan’s pen he catches one of them which happens to be Pechi (Vasunthra) who floors him at first sight.

Murugayan then on the pretext of finding out more about her files a complaint with the police and travels to her village. Unsuccessful he returns back to his village and mid-way in his journey he meets her again and after that its the usual boy meets girl and falling in love with each other story.

On the other hand Pechi’s brother decide to seek vengeance against Murugayan when they come to know that he keeps bothering their sister. Things take an ugly turn here as the brothers are forced to serve punishment for their crime which leaves the love bugs enough time to romance and to come to a decision that they can’t live without each other. Too familiar story till now… But, Saranya has a different reason why she won’t take Pechi as her daughter-in-law which seems justifiable.

In the end when we think things are going smooth and where is the scope for a riveting climax, director fails badly in finishing the story with events that don’t gel together. The pace of the movie in the latter half of the movie somehow tends to lag and also the ending which is conventional by cinematic standards could have been handled better.

In terms of acting the star of the movie is Saranya followed closely by Vijay Sethupathy. Cinematography by Chezhian is perfect while the editing by Kasi Viswanathan could have been more tight especially in the second half. Music by N R Rezhnandhan is nothing great to mention about as few songs sound familiar or rather reminiscent of old hit numbers.

The movie has a running time of 130 minutes and looks like it will most likely recover its cost in the box-office considering that it is a low-budget film. If the screenplay would have been more interesting, the film could have caught everyone’s attention but in the end its just manages to pass as mediocre stuff.

“Thenmerku Paruvakatru” has nothing new on offer.

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