theeya-velai-seiyyanum-kumaruDirector Sundar.C known for his comic capers has once again dished out a comic entertainer in the form of “Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru”. The film is neither a complete laugh-riot nor a romantic entertainer. To be precise, there is nothing great in the storyline. It’s just a plain vanilla love story where a boy meets a girl and falls in love. How he meets her, how do they fall in love, what are the hurdles they face, who all help them in overcoming the hurdles and finally what happens to their love is in this film which has a running time of 130 minutes.

Kumar (Siddharth) comes from a family where generation together love marriage has been their forte. For Kumar though love evades him even from a very young age. When everyone pushes him to love someone he simply doesn’t believe that he can also fall in love.

Walks in Sanjana (Hansika Motwani) who also works in Kumar’s office. Its love at first sight for everyone in the office. However a small time villain surfaces in the form of George (Ganesh Venkatraman) who in the overall scheme of things seems to win over the heart of Sanjana. Kumar then seeks the help of Mokia (Santhanam) who facilitates ideas for love to be successful for a fee.

What are the ideas that Mokia gives Kumar, what happens to George and in the end who really Mokia is.. All of these are in the rest of the film. The film follows the typical Sundar C formula. An ordinary story which gets bombarded by comedy tracks so much that for a brief period in the film, it is Santhanam who keeps the film afloat and moves it forward. In the end, again a no-brainer ending much in line with other Sundar C films.

In terms of acting, there is nothing significantly brilliant piece of acting by anyone in the cast. Siddharth plays the boy next door image to perfection, while Hansika Motwani does what she is expected to do in the form of a glam doll and she provides more than asked for entertainment to a specific section of audience in the form of a generous navel show in almost each and every song.

Santhanam as said earlier steals the stage with his comic one-liners. The pace of the film is almost like a zig-zaw puzzle wherein it is good in few places while not so good in few. Its just that the proportion of good is on a higher side which saves the face in the end.

The film is undoubtedly an entertainer for those who just seek a time pass. With Shiva’s “Thillu Mullu” again a full length comedy also hitting the screens on the same day of TVSK’s release, the box-office prospect is a bit shaky.

“Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru”- watchable for Santhanam’s comedy and Hansika’s usual glam avatar.

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