When you go to a restaurant and have a sumptuous meal and in the end you decide to have a dessert to make it complete the desert turns out to be a spoiler and as a result all that you bring back is the bad taste of the desert which was a spoiler to the entire meal. Vishal’s latest flick “Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai” unfortunately falls into the above said category. The movie which holds the attention of the audience for most part finds itself losing the plot in the last 45 mins when Vishal decides to show that he is over smart. Debutant director Thiru who has been so good in conceptualizing a Casanova type movie which is a refreshing change in Tamil cinema compared to the recent flicks kollywood had offered has failed to give it a proper finish. The movie would have been better with an unconventional ending but thanks to the general hero image our stars have got themselves soaked into the movie turns out to be an average flick.

Karthik (Vishal) is a carefree guy who has a policy in life that he always wants to have “The best  things” in his life and when he decides to this to use while finding his life partner, he runs into few problems. Karthik chooses three girls for this purpose in Jothi (Tanushree Dutta), Tejaswini (Neetu Chandra) and Priya (Sara Jane). Jothi is an ordinary girl and sister of a thug (Prakash Raj), Tejaswini happens to be a multi-millionaire and Priya a middle-class girl.

The love sequences between Karthik and the three girls are fun to watch (though over-exaggerated) but once Tejaswini comes to know of Karthik’s real image and his intentions she turns villain and that’s where all problems start for Karthik in the movie and for the audience watching the movie. The pace of the movie suddenly hits a speed breaker and after that what the other two girls do to marry Karthik and in the end who gets to tie the knot is all about in this “Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai”.

Amongst the three girls Neetu Chandra scores heavily in her acting followed by Tanushree Dutta and Sarah Jane. Prakash Raj in the promos of the film gave an impression that he would be the main villain of the film but in reality he is just a little more than a guest appearance which could have been avoided. Sneha comes in the end in a cameo which again could have been well scripted.

Mayilsamy, Santhanam and Sathyan who are the friends of the hero are in-charge of the comedy track and in the trio Santhanam is too good compared to others. Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is nothing to mention except for the theme music which is noteworthy. Costumes by Shriya Reddy looks stylish on the girls but Vishal’s costumes looks pretty ordinary.

“Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai” a movie which could have been made more enjoyable from start to finish.


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