Ghost movies come time and again to scare you to the maximum so that you freak out to the popcorn counter to get some fresh air. The Unborn which is the latest  movie on that genre is not as scary as one would expect going by the posters and the promos. Its high time the makers think of something more scary than the twisted heads of dogs and humans. The plot of the movie is again a repetition of sorts as the story starts to be familiar when we are halfway through the movie.

David S Goyer who happens to be the director of this movie and has also written the script could have been more imaginative especially on the final stages of the film where one becomes more strenuous awaiting the end of the movie.

The Unborn is a supernatural thriller which is based on dybbuk (a spirit that refuses to leave the human world and is always on the look out for a weak mind to take shelter) where Casey (Odette Yustman) is haunted by strange dreams, strange looking dogs and an evil blue-eyed child.

Casey’s eye changes color suddenly and during check-up she is asked whether she is a twin. Confused casey then finds out from her father that her twin brother died in the womb itself.

Casey then gets to know the real reason behind her dreams and unusual sightings of the blue-eyed boy. She then discovers a box that has a film roll and a letter with a name Sofi on it. Casey then finds Sofi only to find out that she happens to be her grand mother.

Sofi then conveys the truth about her twin brother during the Nazi camp in Auschwitz and now the soul is following the family for revenge. Sofi then warns Casey on the dangers and asks her to be careful.

Whether Casey will win over the evil spirit or vice-versa is the reminder of the movie. The movie which runs close to 90 min is not scary at all. In fact the sound effects that accompany the so called scary scenes hardly has an impact on the audience.

The Unborn is a horror movie for the light-hearted viewer.

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